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Don’t Leave Money On The Table – How To Maximize Your Marketing Plan

By Dani Johnson

Professionals in traditional business, medicine, law as well as network marketing, multilevel, mlm or, as I prefer to call it, “home based business” all have something in common. They’ve learned how to maximize and get the most out of their efforts by obtaining and applying specialized knowledge in their fields. They understand that to be called a “professional” they must be willing to continuously increase their skill set so that they stay at the top of their game. Professionals understand that the marketplace pays for value so whatever profit your business is generating right now indicates what value you currently bring to it.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be it is because you don’t know how. So how long can you continue to say you don’t know how before you decide to do something about what you don’t know how to do? How long are you willing to stay on the path of not knowing the shortcuts and strategies that will bring you a professional level of income? A few of you won’t stop until you find the answers to these important questions. You will rise up and do what it takes to get the results that increase your personal production of income as well as your residual income.

There are 2 types of people reading this right now. The first are the ones that think they know everything already. These people usually hit a brick wall with the end result being inactivity. The second are those of you who want more results and are willing to do whatever it takes to learn how to do the things you don’t know how to do. You are hungry to discover how somebody can go from nothing to 6 figures in a month, 3 months or 6 months. You want me to show you how I was able to make $250,000 my first year starting with nothing!

I’m going to teach you a few simple strategies that will help you activate your profit center so you too have a chance to go from nothing to six figures this year or even the next 6 months. I’m going to share simply what I’ve done over the past 17 years, not what I’ve read, not what I’ve heard somebody else do or what I thought was a good idea. You’ll discover how to find extra money in your compensation plan so that you’re not leaving any money on the table. These are the same strategies that I have personally used in business and trained thousands of others to help them advance into the 2% of the population that is financially independent.

First, you need to know the answers to your compensation plan questions. How much money do you make when you get someone started in your business opportunity? Go ahead and write this down. Do they need to start with some inventory or a certain level of service? What is the package you are focusing on? Too many options are not good because it breeds confusion which will lead your prospects to stop and “think it over”. I represented a company that had so many products that, when I looked at the order form I said, “oh my gosh, where do you start?” You don’t want new prospects to be overwhelmed with too many options.

To avoid confusion and help new prospects make a quick decision, I came up with a starter package that contained a specific amount of the company’s weight loss programs that contained about 5 of their products in each box. The beauty was in the simplicity in that new reps didn’t have to decide which out of hundreds of products to order. Top packages vary from company to company. Some top packages are $300 and some of my clients will offer up to $70,000 starter packages. The amount doesn’t matter. What matters is how your new reps can set themselves up to get the most out of your pay plan.

Ask your self the question, what is the best way for a new person to start inside of your business? Is the best at the bottom with nothing but a $40 dollar application? The answer is NO. Average, mediocre reps think it is ok to start people this way. I’m not here to help you be mediocre. Some of you are already really good at that. I apologize if that seems a bit harsh. I’m writing this to show you the way to make a LOT of money NOW not 10 years from now! It sickens me to see 98% of the population settle for a mediocre broke existence, that’s why I’m giving you this information.

Where there is no commitment, there is no gain. When people start at the bottom they don’t do anything. And if they do, they don’t make anything. Are they gonna stick around? If you don’t have them making money right away they will be gone within 90 days or less. You now have this new person in a poverty mindset that they can make a whole bunch of money with a tiny startup cost. That’s the lottery. Do you know anyone who’s won that lately?

Wherever you start your new prospects will duplicate throughout your business. Plain and simple, it is best for your new people to start at the top package. It will mean the difference between making $20 or $200 for the same time and effort … duh! What’s best for your newbie is for them to learn the skill of how to market your company’s top package. The fast track to 6 figures is duplicating people starting at the top package. Is it possible to bring in 10 people per day at the top package? You bet it is. I have clients doing it. They’re making more money in 3 days than when they were working 80 hours per week! If your $1,000 top package earns you $200, that’s $2,000 per day.

Some companies don’t offer a top package so create one, that’s what I did. Why did I direct people to start with a significant amount of product? So that they could go out and create a story right away. The most important thing for your brand new person is for them to make money. When a new person starts with $1,000 worth of product to market, the goal is for that product to be moved within 1-2 weeks. They have now turned a profit of $4-500. That would be their story. You have to set people up so that they can succeed.

How much money are you losing by not knowing how…
to get people to show up for a presentation?
to close 90% of the guests with an effective presentation?
to get somebody started at the top package?
to create momentum out of thin air?
You are losing 6 and 7 figures that are available to you NOW!

It’s your turn to become a professional in your home based business by knowing how to do it. A Professional will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and up to 10 years of their lives to earn a 6 and 7 figure income. I guarantee you it won’t take that long when you invest in the specialized knowledge like many of my clients have done. I made more money than most doctors and lawyers in my twenties because I was willing to invest in the one thing that could never be taken away from me …my SKILL. Anything is possible when you know how!

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