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EXPLODE Your Month And Increase Your Check Substantially!

Listen to this call ASAP if you want to close out your month with a bang and increase your check substantially. You’ll want to make sure and get all your prospects and new starts from this month to listen to this call, it will help them upgrade and increase your business and their commitment level!

Topics include:

  • Motivation to step up, get off your butt and explode your end of the month!
  • Closing script/example of how to get people to step up and make a commitment
  • How to create thousands in sales volume by the end of the month even if you’ve bombed out all month long so far
  • How to get over your excuses and pop a “BIG” check this month


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6 replies on “EXPLODE Your Month And Increase Your Check Substantially!”

Awesome call. hit home big time!!! Getting off call,…making calls to get product presentation appointments….Thanks again Dani

Thanks for this call Dani. It starts with ME first. My committment, My focus, My determination. I am the leader. When I know that my product /opportunity WILL change people’s health and finances and help them out of a pit & or rut, just speaking that to them will create confidence in me and them. People WILL want to follow !! It seemed so subtle. With the many no’s, and my lack of rising up, I bought their stories and nothing changes for them or me much and the disappointment, discouragement, disaster stepped in. I see it !! I want more ! Enough is enough! I’m tired of not having enough ! I tired of getting sucked in ! I am stepping up right now ! I step up TODAY !! Thanks for helping me see. Rita

Thank you Dani! Fantastic! Would it be OK to ask you to be my Mentor?

I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

I was just chatting with my coworker about this today over lunch . Don’t remember how we landed on the subject really, they brought it up. I do recall eating a amazing fruit salad with ranch on it. I digress…

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