30 Day Bootcamp Duplicate

Day 30: The Biggest Secret To Duplication

Tonight, Dani will show you the biggest secret for duplication, in your business and personal life! Learn what duplicates, how to stop the bad and increase the good, and increase your paycheck!

Topics Include:

  • Specific steps you can take to eliminate the road blocks in your life and take your business to the next level
  • How you could be putting a cap on your income and how to get rid of it
  • One tool you can use to increase your closing ratios in all markets
  • How to keep it simple, working less hours and making more money
  • Is who you are spending time with affecting your income?
  • How to claim authority over your business, your family and your life
  • Are you doing what you should be doing right now? Is it making you money?
  • How to improve your income, personal growth, and even your love life!
  • What is one thing that you can do to increase your value in the marketplace and reach your full potential!
  • Are you having a problem earning money? Figure out why and start increasing your check this week!

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19 replies on “Day 30: The Biggest Secret To Duplication”

This was the best conference call EVER from the best trainer in the industry. No matter what business or industry you are involved in, Dani shows you EXACTLY how to break through your income barrier. Thank you, Dani Johnson!!!

wow, this call was eye-opening. I listen to Dani for hours a week and this was something I had never heard before. Awesome as always. Thank you so much for this equipping call. I couldn’t write fast enough, so I look forward to replaying the recording over and over again.

God Bless!

Joy Marino, NJ

I got in on the call a little late tonight, and you immediately hit home. I had been making calls for over 2 hours and was so discouraged, now after listenenning to your call, I am wishing that it wasn’t already 10:10 and I could make some more calls, I am ready to go at it again. THANK YOU DANI

This is my first conference call with Dani, I was blown away with the ease of this program. I am just getting into my home based business, and I really did need this information..thank you Dani, great job.

Dani, tonight opened my eye’s and ears to what has capped me:
Im done having a cap on closing and getting people to the presentation! That also includes my conviction, posture and beleif in what I am doing in business!
I will be seeing you at dynasty! just booked the airfair.

God bless
Zach Stringer

This was the greatest call I have heard. It was exactly what I need to rejuvenate myself and my business. I have allow bad duplications to interrupt my ability to let my business progress. This call tonight puts me back on track.
Thank you Dani,

I really needed to hear that call, God had been hinting at it through out the day and God you gave clarity through your servant Dani. Thankyou, today I awoke with a new fire and new vision, and now my husband shares in my vision because I allowed him to know my vision I had been hidding what I wanted and what God had put on my heart and truely if you look around in your life look at the cause of stupid fear .people look around you and look at the people your around or is attracted to you, look at your kids, family, look at your business and your life and be real ,dont be like me dont be so prideful, stubborn, unteachable, ignorant, a know it all, self righteous and a procrastinator.
Just as Romans 10:23 says “Everything is permissable” – but not everything is benefical. “Everything is permissabl”e – but not everything is constructive
So look at your life you have freedom of choice but not everything you choose is benefical or constructive to you, your business, your career, your life, and that of your family and others.
Wiat patiently on God, stick with Dani, persist and dont give up, dont stop dont stop dont stop Listne to Hans – do something

This was awesome!! As a Realtor this applied directly to an appointment I was just on my way to. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!

Thankyou for letting me listen to this audio, it is very interesting and I am sure I can do the things it says to do. Do not interrupt while they are talking will be my weak spot, but I can do it with practise.
God Bless Heather

Alot of what I heard tonight was just common sense. I have a great repore with my son just because I listen to what he has to talk about even though I’m not quite sure of some of the stuff he is into.(he’s a skate border) I am tyring to start a second online business, and the tips I learned I think will help with this one (the first one was a bust) Just wanted to say thank you for the tips.

This was my first time listening to a call from Dani. I am withing the first few months of starting my home business and I have listened to other trainings that had similar points but the point that stuck out the most was to give a prospect a compliment. I have had fear around how to approach people and start a conversation. I am always giving my friends compliments and this is a simple way I can start conversations with strangers, which isnt my strong point. I am a detailed person and need to hear about the nitty-gritty indepth strategies for starting and having successful conversations.Thanks

Dani- Thank you so much for that call. I am reviewing what I already have heard and learned from your seminars and training cd’s. I hear something different and it goes deeper each time. Thank you for serving.
Deborah West

Hi Dani, This call is so informative!! Every single time!! Like many had experienced; I get stronger and getting brighter at each and every call..This piece of Info. is the one I have been waiting for for YEARS.
May our Mighty God still fulfill you with everlasting Knowledge and Abundance!!!! Dani. You & Han and your beautiful children.
Love & Peace in Christ,

I went to Baltimore and I have reconnected with my God, I beleive If I put God first, then my business will be blessed. Keep up the good work Dani! The whole weekend was awesome!
God Bless You!
Cheryl Brewer

This call is awesome. I learned so much that I can apply to my new business as well as to my personal life. I’ve just signed up with our team and the system is your script, I’m on training this time and listening to our leaders doing live calls to their prospect following exactly your script. My fear is gone because I sure can read and surely can do what they’ve just done… reading your script to their leads.


I am blessed to be part of your team. Everyday I am learning new things for myself and for my team.there is no end to this learning curve.more annoiting to your calling.
Kofi Patrick fraser

This call meant alot. I have been known to be too hard on myself and do more than what I should really do. This call FINALLY let me see what I was overlooking. I now believe it is that simple and as I am a student of life, as long as I duplicate, do the steps, I will transcend that glass ceiling. You are a genius Dani. You guys rock and thank you for continually being an great example.

This 30 Day Boot Camp is great! Thanks so very much. I will listen to it again! Will share this with my team. I see what I must do to reach my goals.
God Bless You.

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