30 Day Bootcamp Duplicate

Day 25: The Art Of Duplication

Tonight Dani talks about another brand new subject that she has NEVER talked about on a Monday night call. Effective Duplication. Dani role-plays with one of her coaching students and First Steps graduates about how duplication works! Listen to a case study proving that this process absolutely works!

Topics include:

  • A process that can teach you how to make thousands of dollars overnight!
  • How to get your brand new person on their own and producing huge results quickly
  • What is on the job training and how you can use this time to make money
  • What you can do to solidify business for your brand new person
  • How to see exponential growth in your business immediately
  • What you should focus on every day, every week
  • How to truly develop a business in less time making more money
  • What is the first objective when you bring a new person into your business
  • How one person who recruited 16 people in 5 days after learning Dani’s system
  • A process that you can use implement into your sales force now to increase your numbers now

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6 replies on “Day 25: The Art Of Duplication”

Thanks, I found it exciting and I had a strong desire to see to hear the presentation on the 3 meeting plan. So =now I am looking for that one.

This was great stuff. The lattwr part of the 30 day bootcamp shouldnt be ignored. She really gave some nuggets i have never heard before.

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