30 Day Bootcamp Duplicate

Day 27: A Step-By-Step System To Starting Your New Recruit Right

On this broadcast, discover a simple system to starting a new person the right way. Discover exactly what to do with your new rep that will get them a paycheck in the first 30 days and how to activate your new people so that they immediately go to work. Listen Today!

Topics Include:

  • 7 simple steps to start your new person off right
  • Why this is a good time to be in a home-based business and how you can thrive during the current economic crisis
  • Discover a guaranteed way to decrease your time spent working, without taking a cut in pay
  • How to generate a compounding residual income that will follow you for over 10 years
  • Understand what the one most important thing for your new person to do is
  • What you can do to motivate your team to get results when they’re not doing anything
  • How to build trust in your prospects, your new person, and in anyone you meet, so they will want to work with you
  • Increase your odds of succeeding in this industry with this simple little trick

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14 replies on “Day 27: A Step-By-Step System To Starting Your New Recruit Right”

Loved this call and look forward to seeing you in Dallas!

Was a bit shocked to see this on the chat stream:
11:08 ustreamer-10323 : Save your money this is a lie

I have listened to 2 broadcasts so far, and feel that each call builds on the previous one. The information is excellent. The crediblity she has resonated with me from the fact she is a mother ,and started out with a difficult background. It is highly encouraging to hear her speak.
I am facing debt, financial difficulties and yet see a ray of hope with the training Dani provides!
I look forward to each Monday night now and this is only week 3 in my new business!
Thank you Dani for keeping it real, palatable and sensible.
Looking forward to following in your footsteps to become the next Washington state millionaire!
–Pam Kornish

This call was excellent! I like that you explained how to handle the fears and concerns of others getting started. The validation, spirit of pressing forward, focus on their goals and exactly how to communicate with them really brought insight for me. Also the reasons why excitement may turn luke-warm…I never thought of it quite like that and didn’t know how to handle it directly with them. Thank you for all you give! Rebecca

I am new to the home business world and last night was my first time
listening to Dani, what incredible information, I have been overwhelmed
and frustrated,but,I now know where to start and what I have found to
to be more incredible is the price for this information.
Thank you, for making this kind of training affordable for those of us that
are just starting out working from home.


Great call! I liked how you explained that our motives for trying to “motivate” a new person must be out of geniune concern and love for them and not for our own personal gain. Plus, you explained in clear, practical terms how to do that. Since my first First Steps in Detroit, I’ve been challenged to focus on helping other people get what they want; to actually do it and not just say that I do and this call provided another practical way to do that. Thanks!

Ahhhhh man. As usual I will have to go back and listen over and over and over just like I do all of your other calls. I was in your L.A. First Steps when the entire gathering showed that kindness is alive and well in this country. I have taken what I learned there and prospered where I am and now there are new opportunities jumping out at me from every direction! I am so thankful for your willingness to share and hope for our success as much as your own. Thank You Dani for having such an open heart!!

I’m glad that i seen your site but thanks to my work at home business company without the great info that the company provide for us to make our business grow,but you right Dani we do make a lot of excuses in our life and it’s always something that either stop us are hold back our dreams,but one day i can’t wait til it’s my turn to give my life story,I know your system is going to work you just have to believe in your self and product

waz up this is paul montellano im 34 was in a gang a long part my life till i found out the truth of it all.IM hearing your free traneing thanks for the heads up and info!God bless you!and may GOD/JESUS/MAMA MARY/SAINTS/ANGELES be wirh you always.

Hi Dani,

I’m in the Uk and been plugging into your free online training. It has really got the fire burning inside again and i cant wait to start working with my team to help them achieve thier dreams.

Take care and god bless :0)

Great call. The moment for me was the explanation of the difference between steps of doing 1-4 only and 1-7 was a real eye opener. Thanks Dani.

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