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Closing And Handling Objections Part 3

Subjects: Closing and Handling Objections PART 3.

  • Dani demonstrates examples of her closing script she uses and answers various questions in an open Q & A and MORE!



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11 replies on “Closing And Handling Objections Part 3”

I cant believe this entire website is for free!! I have pugged my entire downline into this website and conference calls and WOW!!!

Great information and I can’t wait to inform my downline about this website. I’m still in the early stages but I’m already blown away.

Last night’s training ROCKED!!!! There was so much great content. I have already taken one of the scripts and used it!

fantastic call you are amazing every call I listen to gets better. I cannot believe it has taken us five whole years of failing to finally finding you as our mentor. Our heavenly father certainly has answered our prayers. Thank you Dani and I pray that God continues to bless you ubundantley as he already has. Wow what an inspiration you truley are…..

I am brand new, but I have also stumbled on your spirit filled area, and have only had 30 minutes to listen. WOW, what a blessing. Thank you Jesus, for answered prayer!

Dear Dani; As usuall, I’m pumped-up,inspired,and extremely excited about pushing on in the business I’m in. I’m a S T R O N G believer in my product-absolutely committed to it being THE THING! as much as I believe in my JESUS being THE ONLY way to Heaven! Listening to you is my Life-line and has kept me with my head above water. I Love You!!! At 73 yrs. old and over 2 yrs. in my company..GOD is making me a “category-creator” through endurrrrance…remind’g me…IT’S NOT ABOUT MEEE!!! Thanx again,DANI LUV, Joan

Of course, it was an AWESOME call!!!!!!! We KNOW Dani knows her stuff; she’s always on fire and tells it with a passion and truth!!!!!!! :o)

Sounded Great! Hopefully, I will be financially able sometime in the future to attend a Dani Johnson “First Steps to Success” seminar.


Robert McGlohon

Dani thank you….I felt Adonai was telling me this morning to listen to this call and now I know why
Do you want to know why?
When you spoke about copying successful people’s attitude of posture and the real reason people give you objections it was like a switch of understanding went on in my brain and now I am starting to think like that with everyone I speak to, not just about business but every subject in life.
Like you said people only open their mouth to sound intelligent, but what they say and what they really mean are 2 different things…..the skills you teach are to get to people’s real reasons
May Adonai continue to bless and protect you and your family and team.

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