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Day 16: Mastering The Art Of Closing (Part 2)

This call was PART 2 on MASTERING the ART OF CLOSING (listen to Part 1 first) – live role playing examples.

Topics include:

  • How to identify YOUR common responses and objections that you regularly receive from prospects to uncover hidden doubts you personally have about your business
  • How to really help your prospects reach their goals, dreams and desires
  • How to qualify an objection to see if it’s a serious question or concern or just a “blow off”
  • Closing examples using the 4 major presentation styles… web, phone/conference call, 1 on 1/face to face, and home meetings
  • Live role playing examples showing how to deal with different types of objections
  • The “I don’t have the money” objection
  • The “can I talk to my spouse” objection
  • The “I’m looking at several opportunities right now” objection
  • The “I’m not sure I want to be committed to getting those products every single month” objection
  • Dealing with a totally negative person and more!

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4 replies on “Day 16: Mastering The Art Of Closing (Part 2)”

you make it sound so easy that I almost believe I can do it… I’ll keep listeneing until I get it.

This call is extremely helpful. So many real life examples of closing using the six closing questions from the Script Book that will help me close more effectively. The importance of knowing and telling stories has really been stressed. It is an area that I will be working on.
Thanks again Dani.

I like the way she handles the spouse objection, I get that a lot. I think her resolution is a lot better than “yes, I understand, talk your husband/wife first, then call me back.” The truth is I never hear from them again. Dani, you are a bold lady!

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