30 Day Bootcamp Close

Day 15: Mastering The Art Of Closing (Part 1)

This call was all about MASTERING the ART OF CLOSING (no matter what industry you are involved in)!

Topics include:

  • Keys to mastering the art of closing which is 1 of the critical skills you need to know and master to become a top earner in your business
  • Why making the “decision” yourself is a major key to success in closing
  • Why developing you conviction is 90% of the battle to successful closing
  • How to develop the kind of attitude and belief system that makes people want to follow you
  • Why objections are just a test of your conviction and belief in what you are doing
  • How to get over the fear of asking the “closing question”
  • How to attract MORE people into your business by increasing your conviction
  • Why learning to “shut up” pays much more than talking
  • How to develop TRUST with your prospect
  • How to use Dani’s Script Book for maximum results and increase your closing ratios today
  • What kind of questions you DON’T want to ask
  • How to get them to tell you exactly how to close them, and better yet, how to get them to talk themselves into your business and CLOSE THEMSELVES
  • Why you DO NOT want to convince your prospects to get started
  • How to deal with people who are NOT qualified to do your business
  • How to deal with the most common questions and objections
  • Why you do NOT want to be on the “defense” when someone gives you an objection
  • Live role playing examples and more!

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10 replies on “Day 15: Mastering The Art Of Closing (Part 1)”

hai Dani, Iwas looking for some oneto help me. by grace I found u. I will sucssed in my bussiness. I have to over come the situation of prospecting and keeping them in session was tremendous

Dani I just want to thank you for all your help I needed someone to talk to me I know this will work sometime it get hard but I AM going to mark it daron jones

Dani Dani Dani — I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS! Have had the privilege and honor to be on the Prospect and Closing classes for September 2012! I make sure I listen to you an hour before I do a STINKEN dial. I am seeing results …….. My Followup ratio has gone from 34% to 59% ratio; My Clients are NOW calling me back and hunting me down …. I no longer CHASE after my clients. Looking forward to building my empire …..

LOVED this because i was born in montana. I am half way done with boot camp and it keeps getting better. THANKYOU Dani and for your love for god. Anxious to meet you in LA .

OMG I am still waiting for my script book so building my belief and conviction to start this soooooo ready.I love the closing tecniques.

This lecture is just AWESOME!!! I have learned soo much!! Thank you so much Dani
I also see in reading the comments Latisha Ware implemented this and her ration went from
34% to 59%……AWESOME!!!

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