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Day 12: How To Turn Every Money Objection Into Massive Profits

On this broadcast, listen as Dani shows you the 3-step process everyone goes through to make a decision and what to say when someone says "I can’t afford it," "I’ll have the money later," or "the economy’s bad right now." With this broadcast, you can determine whether or not your prospect is worth the time to convert a “no” into a “yes”. Listen today and be on your way to master the money objection!

Topics include:

  • Discover a system to make your business take-off!
  • the perfect response to a prospect that says "The economy’s bad" that will help them rise above their current circumstances and get started with you
  • Use this easy answer to the three questions everyone has when presented with an opportunity and get greater returns
  • What one thing you can do to make your bank account grow, guaranteed!
  • How to make your business easy and let people know they CAN do it and see immediate results
  • Uncover why you seem to always get people that don’t have money and learn how to find the people who do
  • Discover the telltale signs that you are wasting your time with a prospect and how to respectfully let them go while getting referrals from them
  • How to pre-launch someone correctly, without spending any of your money or wasting any of your time
  • What EXACTLY to say to someone who says "I’ll have the money in 2 weeks"
  • Use this tip to get people to follow directions and go to work

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9 replies on “Day 12: How To Turn Every Money Objection Into Massive Profits”

Great call. Thanks Dani! We are so blessed to have found you. Your FREE gift to us is amazing. I so appreciate knowing that you want us to succeed. God bless you. I will put this to work today.
Krystal Richard

I didn’t have the money, so I put my House note off for a week or two!
Dotty Kirkendoll

Dani, you did it again! Everything that you went over in this call is really helping me in my closings!!! Just when I didn’t expect it – you dropped this incredible bomb in my lap at just the time I needed it! Thanks Dani – You give us the tools we need at the right time!!!
Karen Little

dani beautiful thank you for the slap in the face about trying to know it all – my ego’s need to know the answers to everything has over complicated and kept the money from coming in. dani thank you for your real authentic info. thank you for all you do!


I am so glad I have you as a mentor. I am using as much material as I can and learning as’s page as I can much as I possibly can on how to build a home based business. Thank you so much for all you offer to others. I have tapped into the all the training on web page and greatly appreciate all of it!!!!!! Thank you!!

I am loving all these different type of resources. I love it that even though I am not yet involved in home business these processes are so logical and can be so simple when followed. I love it!

Hi Dani I’ve been doing network marketing for a long time I am so Empress with on how you have mastered the real way on doing Business am now looking forward into building a successful organization Thank you Colleen Springer.

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