30 Day Bootcamp Close

Day 7: Successful Follow Up And Closing

Tonight Dani covers a variety of topics from prospecting and closing to personality types to working with professionals. This call has so much information you should listen to it many times over!

Topics Include:

  • Learn how to create an eager want in people that will lead to success.
  • How to communicate with your prospects to form trust and build relationships.
  • What resource you can tap into to build any business.
  • How to overcome objections to your business just by changing the words you use.
  • What to say and how to say it to make your presentation far more powerful.
  • How do you “get good at it.”
  • What you MUST do to be successful.
  • How to get over your fear of talking to your warm market.
  • Why you should not be afraid of talking to professionals about your business.
  • What to say and what NOT say to increase your closing ratios dramatically.
  • How to position yourself to be the top seller in your company in just a few months and much more!

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22 replies on “Day 7: Successful Follow Up And Closing”

This call is awsome. You make us become aware of the mistakes we make on the phone or live to people (it’s funny), but it’s true. I have been doing some of the things that you said NOT to do, knowing that now I wouldn’t be part of my team either. Dani you’re really making a big difference in the way I think. God Bless You.

You’re gonna love this one, Dani.
I figure you’re like a foreign language, tee hee.
Of course I listen and take notes, but I also
listen to you when I’m ready to go to sleep.
Figure you’re voice will impact my brain and I’ll do great the next day.
Hey, everybody, you ought to try it, if your S.O. can stand it!
I’m not always conscious for the grand finale, but my subconscious is
feeding itself with great thoughts, right?
Ready to rev up for the next days’ calls.

This call is truly addictive. I can listen to it over and over again, because it is so incredibly powerful. The key reason for this addiction is that the call provides a set of just a few axioms and principles which form the basis of “the art and science of business development”. Just follow these axioms in a truly deductive manner and you simply cannot fail!


Thanks for your encouragement and skill building coaching. I am excited to get going. I will see you soon!

Ginny Oustad

I really enjoyed listening to you.
I really need some more motivation.
I am alittle nervous to talk to strangers on the phone.
I really want to stay at home and work and take
care of my autistic son.
I want a change in my life,at age 61.

Hi Dani:
Well as I sit hear and listen to the end of this, with First Steps this weekend, and unable to go, it just makes me sick. I am joining up with a lady that has been with you for some time and has over 200 hundred people under her. I am very excited to start my life. I have listed to the 3 calls, and listen to as many of this recordings as I can almost every day.
things are starting to sink in. And I am beginning to hear you. Getting my husband to become a believer is another story. He doesn’t realize that it is me not working that is the problem. So my plan is to buy the N.C. Cd’s and continue saving up for both of us to go to First steps.
With you in my heart I can and will move forward……

I listen to Dani’s sites like these until I can afford the Real Thing.
I want to become a Networking Marketing Success.
Personally-I feel Dani’s approach is real and what is happening.
I recently bought the Presentation Success System because it contains the action words to present and close.
Next purchase are the CDs to build my business-Lightyear Alliance,Merchant processing Int’l,and Nations Funding Sources.These are all about Network Marketing.That’s why I believe in Dani Johnson.
“Knowing is not enough;We must apply.
Willing is not enough;We must do.”

Incredible opportunity for personal growth. I’ve been listening since the 15th of July ’07. Couldn’t wait to purchase DVD’s or get on an airplane…I purchased the DVD’s. I’m ready for her straight-forwardness, no wishy-washy here. Thanks Dani Johnson for making a difference in my life. Sandy 🙂

Great information!
For the first time, I’m beginning to see that I CAN do this!
I’m dyslexic, but even I can read!

It took several emails from Dani’s Work-At-Home website for me to get the courage to face myself to admit that I wanted to live my heart’s desire—prosperity…so I’m committed to do what it takes to not re-invent the wheel —follow Dani’s scripts and not fear success. I’ve already purchased the DVDs. I’m ready.

Thanks again Dani your call was great I’m learning how to climb and make it to the top. Thanks again and God Bless

Call was awesome, I am ordering the script book! Make it duplicateable and stop over selling… Get the script book! Why try to re-invent the wheel, when one that is already working – and it’s making millions… God Bless you and your business, and the lives you’re going to touch!

A teacher tells knowledge or models how to learn. How can such a one resist the urge to give more content – zip it?

That sinking feeling I had before attending bootcamp was correct. I did not know what I was doing and dreaded the phone calls. Now I make the phone calls, put the client as the centerpiece, listen for the cues from the client that will link my opportunity to their needs. I become a facilitator, problem solver, friend to provide them a way to live their dream.

Its 2015 and this STILL applies. It never gets old. Thank you Dani and Hans for your commitment to my success.

I love the idea of letting people know that I am reading a script instead of being told to make it sound natural like I’m not reading a script. Pressure off! Stress-free! I CAN DO THIS!!!

Absolutely eye opening. It is always a great time to listen to Dani Johnson build and build her energy to get the message across.

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