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How To Train, Motivate, And Build Your Team

Relationship marketing expert and success coach, Dani Johnson answers more questions that members have sent in from a variety of topics including: training a team, motivation and building a business. This is an amazing call that will get you working and building your business bigger and better today!

Topics Include:

  • What is your commitment level in this business?
  • How to train your organization to be on the same page
  • Do you complicate your business?
  • Where you can find a system that will guide your steps in building a successful business starting today!
  • Are you in management mode and is that a good place to be?
  • How to get your associates to First Steps to Success
  • What should you always be doing, every day to drive your team to greatness?
  • How to pull the best out of your team and bring them to the next level
  • How to keep you motivated on a daily basis and why it is important
  • What do you do to retain customers?
  • How do you retain business builders and keep them working?
  • How do you get started in a brand new city?

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8 replies on “How To Train, Motivate, And Build Your Team”

Awesome call! I am really looking forward to receiving my North Carolina CD and for the first steps in July!

These calls are the greatest thing since the internet, keep up the great work. When are you coming to BC Canada?:)

Great call! Thank you for ‘the creating a sense of urgency nugget’-a light turned on and I received something new. God Bless you and your family and team. I look forward to seeing you again live at an event soon : )

I encourage to change your approach if your micromanaging your team. Know that your team is your family. Treat them as a long term buddy. Because friends won’t quit on you. Do what others are not doing everyday and watch your business blow out of control. Dani thank you for you post.

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