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Breaking Through The Barriers Of Business

Tonight Dani answers more questions from our members including prospecting in the warm and cold market, tools you can use to breakthrough barriers in your business and your life, and so much more!

Topics Include:

  • How do you kick start a stagnant business and build your check.
  • What must you do daily to guarantee growth in your business.
  • Learn how to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere!
  • How your commitment level will affect your entire business team and grow your check exponentially.
  • What is the most important thing you need to know when talking to prospects.
  • Tools you can use to jump start your team and multiply your business
  • What is all out massive action?
  • What must you figure out to build and develop a sales force to push your sales into the next level.
  • How to make the best use of your time to increase your check dramatically.
  • What to do with prospects who are on the fence and make the best use of your time.
  • How to attract new people into your business that are ready to work NOW!


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10 replies on “Breaking Through The Barriers Of Business”

My problem is how to talk to strangers , how do I talk to people in the mall, without sounding weird, do you have any sample calls on any cds or dvd…………….. Samples of “situation prospecting”

You have so nailed that it is all about confidence….do you have it….if not get it!!!!!!! You are a wonderful motivational speaker…thank you so very much.

I am very excited just listening to you. I don’t have a business yet, I’m still lost as to where to begin. I have had two neck surgeries this year and I won’t be able to perform the physical labor that my job of ten years requires of me. I am going to continue exploring your site and praying to God for strength and ideas. Thank you very much. I love your enthusiasm.

Great, I have learnt alot and look forward to using it in my homebusiness. I am recovering from breast cancer and the effects of chemotherapy. So I can identify with you Kim, I hope you find the strength and ideas through your faith and prayers, as I did. I am very excited about this site, I feel my confidence and motivation are on the road to success.
Thankyou Dani.

I am in the process of starting my business. I am very excited & full of energy!!! I found about Dani Johnson thru my business.. I will be listening to the calls every day!! I will be ordering the DVD’s soon!!! Thank you! Christina Greene

Dani, you remind me sooo much of myself it’s scary. People have told me for many years that my calling is to encourage and motivate people. God called me to do a many things, but I’ve been running for so long, so long.
After listening to you and plugging in I’m finally going to step out on faith so that I can help others as you have helped me and others.
I hope to one day meet you in person and share my success story. Since ordering the Dani Johnson leads yesterday, I’ve already gotten 5 leads sent to me, and my script book hasn’t yet arrived. I’m just going to take what you and Tom said to do and WORK IT!!!!!
I am also a woman of God that has been in bondage for a long long time. This is my season, and I’m claiming what MY GOD has had waiting for me all the time.

Love you,
God Bless

Thank you Dani and team for all you do to make us successful in our life. I am on my way to finally getting it and working it. Looking forward to telling my story one day.

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