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Attracting The Few Who Will Give It All They’ve Got

On this broadcast, Dani shares how to find the few people who will give all they’ve got to succeed and work with everything they have.

Topics Include:

  • What 2 questions do you need at ask yourself to be sure you are on the right path for success
  • When being comfortable is a bad thing
  • How to conquer your fear of risk and succeed where you were failing before
  • How to make sure your economic woes are not just in your head
  • What is keeping you poor
  • Discover the 7 traits of successful people and how you can get them
  • How to you succeed in terrible circumstances and in the unusual time we are living in


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5 replies on “Attracting The Few Who Will Give It All They’ve Got”

A successful man must plan his work and work his plan. He shouldn’t move by guess work without practical or definite plans. A business man who work by guess work is comparable to a ship without a rudder. sooner or later, he will land on the rocks. In order to grow your business and make your team successful,you must get members who are motivated to succeed and motivated to look for opportunities. They are some people who are not motivated to succeed. Don’t look for such people. If you do, your business will be stagnant.

All who seek riches must recognize and adapt themselves to the system that controls all approaches to fortunes large or small.

The call was very good and informative. Dani gave us a lot to think about. Not only did she tell us how to get out of our comfort zones, she taught us what effect our perception of ourselves had on those we associated with. In order to find successful people to work with you, you must first have the mindset to be successful, learn from those who are successful, and take the leap of faith to take the necessary risks to be a success!

Thank you and God Bless Dani!

One of THE best calls I’ve listened to! And I’ve listened to many.

Thank you, Dani!

Sarah Kaplan

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