Pro Members Prospecting

Answers To Your Prospecting Questions & More!

In this call, Dani answers many questions like:

  • How to get new recruits started on the right foot so they have success and duplicate fast
  • How to re-develop your contact list when you’ve moved into a new area and don’t know anyone
  • How to build a rapport and find a need with someone you’ve just met and create a desire in them to join your business
  • How to make money and get your business growing fast
  • How to handle inbound calls from an advertising campaign
  • How to balance your spiritual life with your business life
  • How to start over when you’ve lost your upline and sales force
  • How to deal with an unsupportive spouse and get them on your side
  • And much more!


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5 replies on “Answers To Your Prospecting Questions & More!”

This was the first call I have participated in and I was thrilled with all of the fabulous information that was provided! I am a newbie in network marketing and am very excited with the product I am selling as well as the opportunity to increase my sales force. I learned a lot tonight that I am going to put into action this week.
Thanks, Dani, for your help to grow my business and make it profitable for me.

Abundant Blessings and Care,
Anita Havener

we have been with one network marketing co for 21 years and very successful. but I always enjoy and learn something from Dani’s training calls. keep up the good work. sharon

Hi i really praise the Lord Jesus for giving me a chance to thank you,from the bottom of my heart,you give me your book financial freedom
thru our Christ Benny hinn,he give me that on time of my birthday
oct.27,2008,and im so bless .bec. i told to myself,when i watching benny hinn and you are one of the guest,holy spirit i want that book,if i have extra money.suddenly God knows everything,he know i have no job at all,i beleive i can buy the book.but God knew that i need it early in this time,and he give it to me,thank you and more power,be still and you are the blessing from above.God bless your family.

from the philippine
pearl of the orient mabuhay,
cristy riveral

Gday to Dani and team from chilly Queensland. How’s it going?
I watched this morning on youtube a young man who was recently immersed at your latest seminar.
Way cool and praise Adonai huh? How is your sapphire mom doing Dani? I was the one that sent her the Dame Edna glasses once (if she got them)….
Anyway this call was exactly what I needed to hear today. The bullet point way in which Dani delivered the training was great. Being a sapphire/ruby personality I had great empowerement today to “next” a real estate agent that advertised to my house via a flyer. Man the real estate agents over here are shockers! Lol….
Take care and God bless and protect you Hans, Dani and team.
Love from Bonnie 🙂

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