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9 Specific Steps To Improve Your Prospecting Skills

Tonight, Dani will teach you 9 specific steps to improve your prospecting skills. Hear how this call can help you in your business personally and how it can impact your team without costing you anything.

Topics include:

  • Learn the difference between a professional and an amateur, and find out which one will make you more!
  • How you might be putting objections in your prospect’s mouth, and how to stop it now
  • Are you losing money because you are too nice to your prospects?
  • How to get people to show up for your business presentation 90% of the time, every time!
  • Learn how you can experience amazing results by just changing one thing!
  • How to answer your prospects most common objections before they have the chance to bring them up
  • How your non-verbal communication can be costing you thousands!
  • EXACTLY which questions to ask your prospect to have them close themselves!
  • What you might be doing wrong while building your business and how to correct it
  • What you should never say when talking to potential clients and what to say instead to increase your closing ratios

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24 replies on “9 Specific Steps To Improve Your Prospecting Skills”

It is always amazing how Dani knows EXACTLY what we need to hear, when we need to hear it.

This call is PERFECT for anyone just starting out–I hope it gets added to the quick start section!!!!

Great call Dani! These points were right on the target. Thank you Dani! I can’t imagine my business without your coaching!

Hi Dani~
This was my first call and I want to say thank you~ Not only for the inspiration but just the 9 Most Common Mistakes was worth its weight in Platinum~ I WILL Be there, some how, some way!!~ Period!~ See you there and God Bless~

May God Lead You To Your Destiny~
Isabel M.

“The World’s A Better Place, Because Of Those Who Refuse To Believe They Can’t Fly!~”

That was the latest and the greatest Monday night call I have heard. Thanks so much. Was that information really just given to us FREE?

I’m definately running on the contest. Dani that call is amazing it will definately help ton. Your calls are definately a key too our success and they are FREE! This one, really highlighted the basics. Even though we make a six figure income every once in a while we need to reanalyze are we still doing the basics.

Dani, I have an income because of your training. I made a 6 figure income due to your training. Now I will produce a 7 figure income thanks to the training we’ve received through your tools, techniques and definately First Steps and Dynasty. Thanks!!!

You are terrific Dani, look forward to meeting you in
Baltimore, I need to change my attitude about my business. thank you, Christian

Thank you so much for your enlightenment into this industry. I
am new at networking marketing and desperately want to get it right from the start. I find the information invaluable.

hi dani

I am not sure how tonights call can help as i do know the 9 mistakes you have told me is my problem when it comes to either selling membership or selling products. Is there any way I could get more info as to how I can takecare of my mistakes or do I have to buy you book?????????

Great job Dani , always on the ball and i leared somthing new tonight dani about Fear, putting words into the procpects mouth, no to be like a kitty cat on the phone, no to be a sale person, leading with the prospects goals, that the training that you have a trak record, no to call back in a coupe of days, AND MOST INPORTANTLY TO MAKE SURE I HAVE ENOUGH LEADS Jake

Hi Dani, Just got off the call and I want to say that this was the most informative call for most of my team. I am going to do some training tomarrow and these 9 mistakes are going to be it. Since i was at the FS in La,CA I do not have any fear and I know the team members that are going to Baltimore which is 1 1/2 hrs from my home are going to lose their fear. I don’t know why they aren’t getting the skript but they still want to gon on working hard. I don’t and I have told them that you can do so much for them. Unfortunately I won’t be there because of hunting buffalo in WY. but I am signed up for Dynasty and I pray the ones that are going to FS will join me there.
I thank you so much for your time and the blessings from God through you. I keep you in my prayers.
Have a great night. God Bless, Chris Kinsey
My answers to your 4 Questions are Yes, Yes, Yes, and smart!!!

Dani, Your call is great to listen to and I try to get the team to listen but for some reason they don’t get very excited. I think I need to build a new Dani Johnson team so I can get my income up. Thank you for all your tough love and I will be in Baltimore with or without the team. So 2007 will be a great year for my family and myself. Thank You rparker


Thank you for your mission and vision. Your call tonight was inspiring and powerful as usually your calls are.I’m new to your training and am very excited for my success!
As you can see in my profile I’ve invested in some of your training tools ,been to LA first steps and signed up for dynasty.I appreciate you so much because I’ve learned more from you more then any training out there including my companies.You are an answer to prayer from the lord.I’m in my mid 50’s and lost everything including our home because of bad financial decisions,so this is really our last chance to make it and live the rest of our lives with dignity after working so hard for over 45 years.To get to first steps and to dynasty we had to borrow the money but were no longer afraid or doubtful about our commitment to our business success and to our Lord knowing that we made him our partner and we will not fail.Thank you again for your training and passion to help us succeed your very much appreciated.We are anxious to keep you updated with our progress and look forward to sharing our testimony with you.


Phil Rincon

Awesome call! Great nuggets, once againl! Phenomenal tools to better equip me with my business. Thank you SO much! I have the Script book and NC cds, so the next step… See you in Baltimore!

Great Call! I can not wait for the Workshop in Baltimore. Me and my Team mate in my Biz are gong together! Wish I could get more of my gals, but only one other gal is in training with me and she is already listening to your calls-one a day. She had committments on that weekend (all her kids and step kids all home!) But we will get alot out of it!


What I like best about you is your method of communicating (ok, and the hair, too). Like tonight, you just laid everything out in a step-by-step fashion. 9 mistakes – Here they are. Here’s the solution. You make everything easy to understand, in a practical, no-fluff format. I’m 2 months into my biz, earned $3100 and have a new team on the rise. I know for a fact that my success is directly proportional to the amount of training I’ve received from you. Rock on, sistafriend, you’re changing my life! Eph 3:20.

Irene Anderson

What an amazing call! It’s a “must” whether you’re just beginning to build your business or not. I’ve already sent the info to others and plan to listen again myself. Looking forward to First Steps in Baltimore!!

I think I got something out of this call more clearly than ever before. I just realized that instead of working very hard in order to impress people with our personality, generosity and marketing skills it is better to just relax, be smart and focus on their needs and goals. It seems to be so much more simple to do.

And a little comment on Dani’s dedication to work and people (110% one! — previous call):
I believe that putting your whole heart and soul and over 100% in something is not good. There is a threshold in our system! I think that we should never exceed 100% in order to stay strong and healthy. Working at 100% level MAX is a skill too! I am still trying to learn that myself.

It was a very good call!

Thank you and take care,

Dani, You are awesome! You have helped me to go from a little timid mousey type girl to being on fire and taking my business to the next level.I am on my way to eliminating that fear with prospects. This call tonite has helped me tremendously, especially Mistake #2,3,6,7,8. I was doing all of these things! I have only been in network marketing for about 4 months but its changed my life! I have unbelievable confidence now and a clear picture as to what i want to achieve. I have your script book, i will be getting the supplemental and I know with these two tools its going to take my prospecting to a whole another level! I have tried to get my team plugged into you and I will, even if it means calling them one by one and telling them to get on the call! You are awesome girl and thank you so much for what you are doing for everyone and their businesses! For free nonetheless, its mind boggling! LOL.

Awesome “FREE” Training Dani! Thank You! You have made me realize several things that I’ve been doing wrong in contacting & following up with my potential business assoc.’s. You have also helped me to realize that I am not working enough leads! Perhaps that is the reason I’m not into profit yet! Duh!

I have both your Script Books, and plan on getting your NC CD’s very soon! I want to come to the Dani Event in Baltimore, but due to my Mom’s health at the moment, I don’t think I’ll be able to. Don’t mark me off you list though, because I am planning on being at a First Steps To Success in the very near future! I’d love to be able to bring my Mom with me! She would love you too!

God Bless You!

This call has been a great help to me. It made me think twice of what I have done wrong in my prospecting approach and what I need to do to improve myself. I knew that I needed to learn the skills of marketing if I wanted my business to grow. I didn’t know how to go about seeking the help I needed, let alone where to look until a friend directed me to your website. I am so-o-o grateful to my girlfriend for directing me to you. I am glad that she loved me enough to not keep me in the bucket full of crabs. Since I’ve been to your website, I am like a sponge learning all that I can by listening to your calls on the Profit Zone. i have ordered the needed tools to get me started and will attend the 1st Step as soon as possible. Your love to help people to succeed radiates through your calls. I could feel your sincerety and aloha. God Bless.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Elva Polvado

This call was phenomenal! I am ready to go out there and change what I have been doing so that my results are much better! I am so blessed to have been referred to Dani Johnson because she has motivated me back into my business! I cannot wait to attend First Steps in November in Dallas, Tx, I would be crazy to miss it if her conference calls are this powerful and impactful! Be safe and God Bless.

Darryl Griffin-Simmons

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