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9 Points To Change Your Life For The Better!

Dani goes over 9 points that changed her life and that will change yours! If you implement these nine things you will not recognize your life one year from now, you will see success! Even one of these points can change your life for the better!

  • What are 99% of objections caused by?
  • What determines whether or not you can convert a NO into a YES?
  • What should you do with those people who you know can really make it?
  • Who should you choose to work with and how to know who they are?
  • How many exposures does it take for prospects to get it?
  • The one thing that motivates people to buy your product and/or go to work
  • What will continue to move your business forward?
  • What is the only investment you have 100% control over?

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11 replies on “9 Points To Change Your Life For The Better!”

I love listening to these recorded calls because I keep learning more and more everytime I listen to them over and over. I am so grateful that you came into my life and I have a duplicatable trainer that I can send my team to.
Infinite love and gratitude,
Margie Kalaluhi

Thanks Dain you’re great. All you have to do to succed is follow in your footsteps–If you can run that fast.

Thanks and God B;ess

Thanks Dani for all of the help you are giving everyone in their businesses. It really works if you do exactly what Dani says ! You are AWESOME Dani!!!

Thanks Dani,
Just back from First Steps in London, listened to this, have made my list – now for Action!

Awsome! I really needed this! Encouraging & positive information! I recommend Dani’s conference call to everyone!!

Thanks a million Dani!

I appreciate your wisdom and the fact that it is free. May God bless you for helping those who want what God has for us but dont have the tools until you helped us put our selves in a position to prosper. You are awesome.

I have never done anything like this and I am learning a lot. It is giving me the confidence that I needed. Thank you, you and my sponsor that sent me to this site are great. God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Dani Johnson for the oppertunity I really needed to listens to your talks a big thank you to my sponsor. Keep up the awesome work.

God bless you.


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