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How To Turn Your Business Into A Money Making Machine!

Tonight Dani asks the question, “What do you want to duplicate?” Learn how to turn your business into a systematic machine with the potential to generate a huge income!

Topics include:

  • How to leave a legacy in this world
  • Are your actions following your words?
  • Three ways to make money in America
  • How do you make the most money in the least time
  • What is the secret to duplication?
  • Find great examples of successful duplication to emulate
  • What are some inherent flaws of the home-based business industry and how to overcome them
  • How a system can change your business today to start building a huge residual income today!

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9 replies on “How To Turn Your Business Into A Money Making Machine!”

Again, Dani…WOW! You basically teach us over and over again the sure-fire ways to become successful, and anyone who does not take advantage of your calls are just losers! You really stressed setting up a system for duplication, and it is so simple to follow and have others follow once it is in place. Bless you, Dani and Hans, and everyone involved in helping so many of us succeed! I will email you on our family’s Secret Blessings! God Bless You!

Anita Crist

Dani, that was just what I needed to hear! The nugget about “what are we listening to” was something I needed to hear. I saw the fruit of that today already. I went to bed last night and listened all night and today while I was making dials I had your Christian Based Personal Development Series playing in the background! What a blessing. You get off the phone and it was a call that didn’t go as you would have liked and the enemy tries to attack you but instead my ear was caught by Dani telling a story about her heart racing and having an accident and how God restored your health. It made sure it didn’t allow for any dead time and for sure no negative thinking! It constantly kept my thoughts directed! I hope I don’t wear out all my cds before Atlanta!!!! 2 hours have turned into 24 now! I have set my feet in motion for the Secret Blessing and can’t wait to share the results with you and Hans! May God bless you for always sharing your best with us! Crystal

I actually feel frustrated!!!But am amazed at this info. I am thankful, and I need alot of help and work!!I’m not interested in going to other people’s houses because i am still raising 4 teens,. so I have to figure out how to make this work with having two home presentations in my own home per month . Is this wrong thinking? I have every cd/dvd except Dynamic duplication. i want to buy that in Atlanta. currnetly , I am listening to Spirit Driven success. Wow! I am sending cds to people for christmas Yay!!

I really needed to listen to this call. I have been back and fourth with a lot things involving my home based business. I almost gave up, but I was able to speak with someone within my organization who was able to give me the boos that I needed to get my head back in the game, but I still felt a little lost. Once I was able to hear this call, I am no longer lost! I now understand what I need to do to become successful in this business, but also in my home! Thank you so much and no matter what it takes I will be at the First Step to Success in atl. I look forward to meeting you in person. I am new to this, but trust me this time next year, I will not be worrying about where I will get money for Christmas for my childrens gifts because I will be able to give them that and so much more! May God bless you Dani, and again I look forward to seeing you in Jan !

You are amazing Dani, I have only been a member for one week but your calls are so motivational especially regarding “system of duplication” it makes the mind boggle of all the outcomes that are definately possible. Thank you Dani this will help enourmously.

Dani, This call is a huge help in me get my head back in the game!!!!
I am looking forward to my first 1st Steps seminar on Jan. 19-20, 2008.
Keep up the good work in leading others to success!!

Dani, I am back in the game now and listening to your calls and actually implementing these tools you have given me are such a blessing. I noticed People are more eager to talk to me about my business opportunity and I believe it is the change of mindset.
Everyone who joins my team will be directed to these audios, i found a “system” that will creat great duplication and development. My sponsor got me to listen to this and it is changing my life. Thanks Miss Dani, I am glad God has blessed you and now you are blessing all of this with this information

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