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3 Steps To Double Your Income

What are your dreams? Does your current income level allow you to fulfill them? Tonight, Dani shows you 3 simple steps to double your income so you can do what you always have dreamed of! Listen today!

Topics Include:

  • How to prosper when it doesn’t seem possible
  • Do this one simple thing for the easiest and most surefire way of doubling your income
  • How to double your income – without doubling your time working
  • The way to easily overcome your fear of talking to people
  • How to make your prospect fall in love with you with in 60 seconds, and have them begging to work with you in 5 minutes!
  • Where to find a system that works even while you sleep
  • Learn how to manage your time to be the most effective in your job
  • Bonus: How to be one of 9 people that double their income and receive a thousand dollar gift!

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31 replies on “3 Steps To Double Your Income”

Dear Dani,

Once again you have amplified my understanding of the very essence and nature of this industry. I’m sorry but I must say that after actually meeting you in person back in September in D.C you truly have become the one business mentor and coach I seek to learn from. It seems that your energy and straightforward delivery just helps me to motivate my team towards increased ACTION.

Just thanks again tonight you were Dynomite. I look forward to your next presentation, you are wonderful.

Jermaine Yellow Tie

Fantastic as always Dani!!! I can’t wait to continue equipping myself with your PHENOMENAL and SIMPLE concepts!!! Thank you for your energy and passion! I have found more self-confidence in the last 4 days since listening to the audio vault calls and the NC cd’s and the Prsp/Way to Millions!! I can’t wait to meet you in person………in the near future!!

Awesome call, God has been dealing with me on these very things Im so loooking forward to the Closing classes. This call spoke to me. Thankyou.

Thanks, Dani!! I got it tonight. APPLY what you know, not just learn it. I can’t wait until tomorrow, to talk to someone else!!

Hello Dani,
I would like to be your next poster child! I just started with my company and would love to be your next success story. I am a 25 year old woman with two beautiful children. I know I am not on the correct site for this but I was unable to hear you after the / in the website you gave out.
Thank you,
Patricia Burgos

By the way tonight was my first time on the call and you were a lot of help. I look forword to listening to you every monday night. Thanks again….

Aha moment, My business will only grow as much as I do, what exactly does that mean? I have heard this a million times. Tonight was the night to completely understand. SKILLS PRODUCE RESULTS !! I am in the right place. I am learning skills. I love being on your calls Dani. I have my team plugging into your calls as well. Thank you for your valuable time in creating massive success for the lives of others including myself. Have an awesome day, and God Bless!

3 Steps to Double your income was fabulous & to the point that if we only just followed those steps that Dani gave us and don’t procrastinate we can see a massive growth in our business. I am so glad I am travelling from Sydney to find out how and I can’t wait to implement the how in my business ASAP. Thanks a million DANI we need more people like you to reach out to the world. You are God sent.

I was on the road on Monday and wanted to hear the call. I was really upset that I missed your call. I was surprised to open my email and see the link to the call this morning. Thanks for giving me the chance to hear the training call.

Dani, Dani, Dani,

So happy that my company had enough foresight to bring you to our D.C. Convention. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I see myself in you – true to your nature – happy to be – helping others – successful & loving it. So cool! Come back to the east coast we will have a massive force ready to embrace you.

Love & Light,


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dani, for this incredible call! I want to know all of the secrets, and I have been learning so much from you! When and where will your First Steps be held in 2008? I am going to be in the front row when that event happens!

Dani, you are a Godsend to all of us…anyone who wants to be someone should be with you! Bless you!

i l0ve these calls and im learning more every time thanks anne craggs how can i learn this if im a very slow learner what would you do for me can you help me on this thank you very much

Wow! Another awesome call! I am just starting my business this week and I am going to First Steps this weekend and I can not wait to EXPLODE!! with my new business. Dani you are very inspiring and absolutely INCREDIBLE! Love your energy and I can’t wait to meet you live this weekend!

That was agreat call. I had to listen to you on my computer and I still love your story on how you got where you are today. mI hope to meet you someday also. Keep up the great work. Love ya Terry

Hi Dani & Team!!

WOW!!!!!!! I am blown away by the NC cd’s!!! LOVE THEM…….and thank you for you natural and sincere techniques Dani!! I am still organizing my thought…..I know….”Get out there!” and I will start putting everything into action tonight!!! Thanks again…..I can see how your success has grown, and I will NEVER try to re-invent the wheel again!!

Great call Dani!! I would appreciate a training call to help me with credibility and time management. I work all day and the evenings seem to simply evaporate! I am wide open for suggestions! Thanks you again, G. Erwin

Wow, that makes so much sense…even time management duplicates!

J.P. did a great job in his clear announcing. Once again another great call!
Thanks Dani!


After 14 months of doing a lousy job and not making any money Iam glad I found you.
Iam going to to have success come hell or high water.
Thank You JD Anderson

Wow! Love your calls I live in Australia so I can’t attend your seminars, so I love your calls they are very much appreciate. I’d love to attend your seminar some time. Thanks

Dani is down to earth and when she tells you something it is common sense and real. She is one of the best trainers I have ever heard. She pours her heart out to all of us willing to take some action by grasping and implementing what she says. Her ways are duplicatable and simple to follow and following her system you will be as successful as you want to be.
Thanks Dani!!

Hey Dani
I Love you so much.
I hope to be so like you only me. I want to really be the spark that gets people to realize what they have. I would do any thing to be your poster child. I did not think I could make it to the event. so I did not want to listen to the call. BUt I just went to my husband one more time and some how he said yes. I told him this is the one that will really get me making money so far I have only spent alot of money. I would not change a thing I have grown. And now I am postured for success finacially. And Dani what if you were the one to do it. My Why is Huge and it will take a miracle to achieve but I hear you and I know that miracles happen. I hear you and know that I believe in miracles now. I want to have a Farm here in Maine With Tree Forts and llamas and dogs and gardens and horses and I will open it up to Foster Kids and children of abuse and have them stay 2 weeks and get them fully equiped to deal with what ever life hands them. they will know they are conquers and that They ARE LOVED. I will then have one in every town and State then country. It will take a miracle so lets get busy . I would like this to happen within the next 5 years. Thank you much honor to you Juanita Waterman

Blessing Dani,

Thank you for giving of yourself so that other may give of themselves.
Without this how can we learn. I truely appreciate your passion to give all the opportunity to achieve all that we can be.
See you in Dallas!!!!!

Debbi Sherry

Hi Dani,
I just keep being pulled back to your website over and over. It would be AWESOME if you could come to Nashville, TN. We are sorta in the middle of the country and everyone loves Nashville. We are really friendly people and people from all the surrounding states would come it would be GREAT!

Tina Seay from Tennessee

God Bless You. I did not get on this call during the time it was live, but I listening to it tonight has changed my attitude. I’m a new IBO and to get prospects going is hard for me because I am scared to talk because of rejection. I have had to regroup my thinking and restart over with a new way of looking at how to manage the business I’m in. Therefore, I had to drop the negative forces in my life and focus on what is positive which is starting with me; helping my son to succeed in teaching him good values; and trusting in God my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to help me as I go forth in helping others to overcome the ties that bind them. I would love to go to your Los Angeles Conference this October/November. I want to invest and my finances are nil, so I’m asking you to help me by giving me information on where I can find a financial company to borrow money to invest in my business and to travel to workshops.

Dani once again the good Lord used you to feel my heart with his love and to equip me with the advanced skills to go out there in the world and make it happen! For the past several months I have allowed excuses to prevent me from being successful and financially free, but these conference calls you provide at no cost, provide skills to be mastered in order to make a 6-7 figure income per year for anybody. I will see you in Los Angeles for Creating A Dynasty, and have a story to tell when I get there.

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