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10 Steps To Overcome Fear And Rejection


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7 replies on “10 Steps To Overcome Fear And Rejection”

Great information, really makes you think about where you really are and what you need to change. Thanks so much for helping others. It is so obvious that you really care about people. I am acting on your advise.


Thank you so very much as I honestly feel that this audio tape will change my life. I truly needed this at this time in my life as I need to make the changes you mention on this tape.

God Bless,

Mike from Calif.

Dear Dani,
Again I want to say thank you. What a blessing you are. You have the love of Jesus in you when you speak. Dani, I pray that my son he has been begging to meet you, 10 years old) and I will be able to attend your seminars soon. It is for more than me. It will bless family members who need the confidence that you share. One person dear to me is constantly mocked for not being successful. I would love to share this with people who have been picked on for years (in another country) and have them know that all things are possbible through Christ Jesus who strenghtens us. It is very refreshing to be encouraged by a successful woman in Christ who is also humble and willing to teach with the spirit of encouragement. Thanks for reminding me again today to walk by faith and not sight. Glad your back is healed by the stripes of Jesus.
Your Sister In Christ

Thank you again Dani for the awesome message. I hope and pray that all who hear this message would allow it to be sowed into there lives. I love the impactful and overcoming message this delivers into my life and it has made a impact into my life thank you the entire team call of freedom international.
Marc Whitting servant of Christ the call to Rise up.


Dang lady, but you hit the nail on the head with this one! I was about to dump some leads I’d bought but hadn’t called because of fear. Since I had them for sometime I thought they were too old, but after listening to you on this call I’m going to call them and practice as you suggest.

You are also challenging me to listen to materials more consistently. Tonight I’m putting the NC cds in my player and will listen to them as I sleep. Hopefully you’ll let me sleep as I do need my rest! 🙂

When you talked about reaching the end of my life and looking back, I knew I didn’t want to regret not taking action. I took the same attitude when I began to pursue acting years ago. Now I need my home business to pick up so that I can pursue acting full time and leave the day job behind.

I’m also going to commit to investing 3-5% of my monthly income into personal development from here on out. I know that its the key for me. I believe in this industry and have found a great company, FEAR is my only obstacle and I want my freedom this year!

Thanks so much for this recording and your website!

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