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10 Specific Tips Show You How To Prospect Like A Professional

Tonight Dani talks about how to prospect like a professional. Learn 10 specific tips that will improve your prospecting skills if you implement them today! Dani goes through a live role-play that shows you exactly how to prospect and close in many markets. This is a very powerful call that you should listen to right away!

  • Where you can go to learn how to get out of debt, better communication skills and many more tools that can change your life?
  • What is the right posture and attitude when you go into a conversation?
  • What is the difference between you and a six-figure income earner and how to bridge to gap!
  • Why conditions on your business success will stop you from growing
  • Who should you specifically be looking for when prospecting?
  • What one thing you can do that doesn’t cost anything but can make you millions?
  • Learn a technique that can radically change every aspect of your life
  • What is the difference between the internal game and the external game?
  • Who’s goals are you thinking about when prospecting and why this is important


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10 replies on “10 Specific Tips Show You How To Prospect Like A Professional”

This is an awesome call, but in listening to it, it seems to be one that should be in the free section. This has many core basic steps.

Dani, You are so awsome. I learn alot just by listening to you. thank for all your time, you are a great training. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hello Dani.
How’s things going? Do you recommend using geneolgy lists from companies that have fadded in the sunset, or bankrupted companies?
These calls are great!!
Thanks ,
Roy Coats

This call was great. I loved the role play. Its a good reminder on how to prospect the right way. I need it, since I’m still developing the habit I need to be professional at it. Thanks God bless.

obi Iroezi, Los Angeles, CA

I found the call and demonstration very helpful. Thank you very much for this website. I will take every advantage of using this site to make my business grow.

Hi Dani,
I loved the call. It gives me the strength to keep going in a business where my excuse has been “I don’t have the right personality”. Now I know it’s just a lack of skills and training. I’ll be ordering the script book tonight. Thank you so much. I’ve never seen that information before from anyone.

Mike Meth

Great call, Dani.
I’m gonna use the 6 questions techniques on my follow call tonight with a prospect I believe very much into – I feel so much more confident – awesome material!
thanks a lot –

With gratitude – Olivier

Hi Dani,
My mom and I are building the business under some of the same circumstances you started out with so we appreciate all that you do. This training gave us the understanding of how to prospect correctly.
God bless!

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