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10 Biggest Mistakes People Make In Home Business

In this call, Dani explains the 10 biggest mistakes people make in home business. Find out where you might be keeping yourself from succeeding, and learn the simple steps to transform yourself from a failure to a success!

Topics Include:

  • What is the actual difference between a hobbyist and a professional and which one earns more?
  • Learn how one woman corrected one thing and made $34,000 in just three months – working part time
  • Are you doing what it takes?
  • How to make far more money in far less time, by avoiding this common mistake
  • Do you know the blueprint of your business is and how to use it to increase your income?
  • How NOT to come across as a slimy sales man
  • What one thing will increase your show up rate, closing ratios, AND activation rate, not to mention increase your check size.
  • What to show your prospect to disarm the fear of signing up.
  • Where one man learned the skills to close more people in five days than the previous five months.
  • Do you fall short with mistake #9?
  • How to deal with objections like “I don’t have the money”, “I need to talk to my spouse,” or “I need to think about it.”
  • What is the 11th biggest mistake that people make in home businesses?

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18 replies on “10 Biggest Mistakes People Make In Home Business”

Killer call! Thanks so much for the content and the great stories. I couldn’t write them down fast enough. Thank you for both calls tonight. Will be seeing you soon! God Bless.


Your so Great Dani, I have struggled for the past few months with my home based business, I have been a member of your free website for almost 6 months, but I never actually plugged in like I should have. I have been listening to your trainings for almost two weeks now and this was my first live call, all I can say is Thank You, I know that I can do this as long as I stick with you!

Thank you for this amaizing call! I recognized myself in a few mistakes…thank you for calling me on them! We appriciate all your hard work preparing these calls! You delivered once again!


This was one of the first calls that I have listened to by you. I was riveted to my phone and realized a lot of mistakes that I have been making. I am now ready to start growing my business and dedicating myself to making it happen. Thank you for that call. I will be sure to tune in next week and the week after for more of your awesome home business tips and motivational speaking. Thanks again, Barbara Labella, New York

Dani (and Hans):
I am just soooo excited about my business, and soooo thankful to Regina Morris, my upline, for referring me to your website.
I enjoyed tonight TREMENDOUSLY. You just reinforced what I had discussed with Regina today — ordering materials — reinvesting back into my business.

I hope, before long, that I will get to attend a First Steps, etc.
I also plan on ordering some of your resources.

You both are such a blessing from the Lord Jesus to me.
THANKS, and please continue to help people as you both are doing for our Lord, His instruments because the Bible does tell us that God wants us to plant seeds (of different types) to yield for Him. To be able to be His instruments, it is necessary to have funds to invest in people and projects.

I am so excited about my home-based business; in Jesus.

In Christ,
Dr. Charline Robinson – Georgia 🙂

Awesome. Power packed with useful information.
Thank you Dani!
I am still new. Got your script books. Bought some EARNPRO Dani J leads. Made tons of calls….AND am having a blast TALKING to people, getting them to my web sites, and now…Following thru….I signed my first Saturday and look forward to the next 1000 coming soon.

I am signed up for First Steps in Seattle!
And by the way, two weeks ago I did not know if I was going to Seattle for not only First Steps and seeing my family but also a funeral as my brother was missing after going for a run.
A miracle happened. He survived three nights in the forest (fell and was unconscious) and made it home the fourth day!!! (I only wish he could go to First Steps with me…He’s in sales…prescription to doc’s).

So thank you Dani! God has anointed you for this time to help so many of us make some dreams and visions become reality.

God bless you and your precious family!

Theresa Croft
Atlanta, GA.

Thank you Dani,

I have been in my business for the past 4 years which has been going up and down, before getting into this business I was a Sr. Information Systems Specialist for 20 years, and all I did was following step by step instructions on how to boot/shutdown computer systems, produce output, transfer data etc. this is the only generic business system I have seen that a person as well as business partners can plug into as a group and get the teaching they need to create whatever type of income they desire to make. The list you gave tonight was outstanding. I’ll see you in Seattle. Thank you in advance for the up coming training. Kurt

My name is Debi and this was my first live call. I have heard several from the web site and have begun making it a habit every morning. But tonights was ,,, wow! I think I hit maybe 5 of those but I will be starting tonight to devoting myserlf to correcting those.

I even last night got my first friend to listing to my script one I wrote for my service and she said Yes just by using the steps Dani spoke about. I was amazed. All I can say is , Thanks Dani, cant wait to learn more from you.

Debi Johnson. AKA DJ

Thank you Dani. I did not know I could learn so much in such a short time. They were sure gold nuggets that will fuel me to a great distance. I do not if I can ask a question though…How possible is it for someone with just little money like when you first started, start making an investment in home business.
Thank you. You are a blessing

I really enjoyed my first conference call. I took really great notes on what Dani said concerning the 10 pitfalls to building a successful home based business. While each point seem to equally express its importance, for me, #5 Not being your own best customer stood out for me the most. I can’t sell what I don’t believe in. Next, testimonials(story-telling) A professional marketer sells RESULTS!Then, 80% prospecting and lastly follow-up. I also connected to the 11th tip of reinvesting in myself. I liked the reaping and sowing principal. I believe in seed—time—and harvest. Thanks Dani for not making this venture appear as a “get rich quick” plan. It is not. It is learning strategies, applying principals and reaping a harvest of results.
Rhonda Oliver

This call was a kick in the pants and exactly what I needed. I’ve been moping around for several days, because I lose prospects, instead of closing them! I’ve lost three *SOLID*, sure-things in the last few days.

I have been on the verge of throwing a tantrum and taking hostages, but I was afraid I’d lose the hostages, too!

I’m as green as a July apple, so I’ve *GOT* to learn how to do what’s necessary to build a successful business. I’ve also lost my killer confidence, as well.

I, like you once did, have languished in failure my first six months (actually, seven months)………….I can’t afford to let June go up in smoke, either.

I really pray this will help me learn and learn fast!

Thanks so much!

Hi Dani
My name is Gwendolyn Paschall and I just wanting to say that everything you
said about being afraid of making calls to listing to everyone about how to run a your business and how to prospect is me.It felt good for me to be able to here the true and not get mad becauses it’s the true and hang up the phone
and say that lady didn’t know what she’s talking about.but I know you did know what you are talking about. I just didn’t want to here the true.the true
that so many people don’t want to talk about.

Thank you for the true Dani
Gwendolyn Paschall

Dani —

I was struggling with some things in my business, and I felt like this call was the “CPR” I needed to get back on track and feel rejuvinated! I have decided that from this day on, I will act as though I am brand new in my business (in enthusiasm and belief), having known about the 10 things to avoid from the beginning! Thank-you so much!

— Julie Behling =)

Great call, Dani! The hour flew by and everything was straight and to the point. This call ranks right up there with the 8/29/05 “excuses” call that everyone should listen to on a regular basis.


You are Amazing!! Great information / tips on how to generate more leads, how to close, Phone Call, Follow-ups. Where and how you should focus your time and much more!!!


Thank you much

Thank you for this training call Dani. I need to do 80% of my time doing prospecting not thinking and wondering about it ending up believing in my excuses.

Thank you, thank you… you rock Dani!!

Thank you for the kick to the gut. I have been waiting for a miracle; waiting to get lucky. I spend so much time planning that I never get anything done. I have just about every motivational book and audio series there is and thanks to you, I know why those things haven’t been working for me. I needed a complete mindset and attitude change. If there was an excuse for having an excuse, I HAD IT! GOSH! I am so frustrated with myself I can’t begin to explain how much time I have wasted. Frustrated enough to change the course of my business tomorrow, March 5, 2008.

Dani, I also thank you and appreciate now your “No cross recruiting policy”. I have jumped from opportunity to opportunity looking to hit the lottery because of the success of others. I now know that I can prosper where I am planted and the only variable in the equation is me. You are my short cut to success because you bring absolute truth to all of those that are willing to learn AND do. My marriage and my entire family life is better because of that truth. Now, my business will be better. Whether people start in business with me or not, I am definitely plugging them in to God bless you, Hans, and the entire Call To Freedom family.

Union City, GA

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