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Event Dates

Classes Start September 15th

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Choose your GRADUATE Exclusive class package:

  GRAD Member Price
Prospecting & Closing Class + Recording $297

“Master TWO critical skills…
that will change everything about your business. “

“If you are SERIOUS about changing your RESULTS for the better, DANI JOHNSON has what you need!

BUT, success is not always comfortable…

This four week course will change everything about your business results.


…you are willing to do the work.

…you are teachable.

It’s not just Dani Johnson’s teaching and the information; it’s the daily APPLICATION and ACCOUNTABILITY that make this class so powerful.

Learn. Do. Learn. Do…

IF you’re ready…and truly SERIOUS, LET’S GO!

Classes start September 15th (see the full schedule below)

Prospecting classes are Tuesday evenings. Closing classes are Thursday evenings.

“What will I get out of this?”

Simply stated, as much as you put in.

First, Dani will give you her proven strategies and techniques, teach you what numbers you need to be tracking and lay out how to maximize the class.

Next, you will post your numbers each week. Good, bad or ugly, post ’em up.

Then, Dani, and our team of experts, will review your numbers!

See, this isn’t just a “listen along” type deal.

On week 2 and week 3, two of Dani Johnson’s most successful protégées, Jackie and Stacy O’Quinn will take over and add their sizable experience, and once again, roll play and critique you.

Jackie O’Quinn and Stacy O’Quinn have been personally mentored by Dani for more than 8 years and have generated millions in sales!

On week 4, Dani will join us LIVE, pull some people from the group to roll play and critique YOUR technique! Even if you don’t get picked, you will get to hear her work with others of similar abilities. PRICELESS!

That’s FOUR WEEKS of expert critique and advice!

16 hours of LIVE expert training!

All along the way you will be reporting your numbers on a weekly basis. And those numbers will be reviewed and used to sculpt the course content.

No, this course is not for the faint of heart, BUT it will produce RESULTS like you have never seen before!

Prospecting and Closing Class

“The accountability component of this training is one of the key factors of the success of this program.”

Week One: Orientation, initial numbers, Bonus Training
Week Two: Live with Jackie O’Quinn – Prospecting, Stacy O’Quinn – Closing
Week Three: Live with Jackie O’Quinn – Prospecting, Stacy O’Quinn – Closing
Week Four: Live with Dani Johnson, training, roll play, critique

Classes run each week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for four weeks. Tuesday evenings are Prospecting Classes, Thursday evenings are Closing classes. All classes run from 7pm to 9pm Central time.

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