Getting Started

Quick Start – Day 2: How To MAX OUT Your Opportunity!

This call is for brand new people! Dani teaches seven essential steps to follow to get your business on the right track from the start. She shows how profound these simple steps can be in getting your business off the ground in the right place, at the right time, and in the right direction. There are also powerful testimonials from some of the leaders in the industry who have become six figure income earners using Dani’s system. Do not miss this call if you want to take your business to the next level and reach the success you have always dreamed of!

Topics Include:

  • Keys to duplicating successful people
  • Exact steps to take when you first get started, or if you haven’t even started yet, what you need to do
  • Residual income plan to follow each month
  • How to max out your compensation structure from the beginning
  • How to get your first check fast!
  • How to maximize a list of resources (LOR) and use it properly to build a large sales organization
  • A test market approach that works so well at getting new customers and reps, it will make your head spin!
  • How to work with an expert for maximum results
  • How to become and develop an independent sales force
  • Keys to duplication
  • How to ensure you never fail and so much more!

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130 replies on “Quick Start – Day 2: How To MAX OUT Your Opportunity!”

Hi Dani,
Listening to your quick start training call has made me realize that I have got to start plugging into you and I will be going to the May first step to success I already have your script book and I will send any new prospects to quick start training call

See U @ The Top

This training is wonderful. I’ve been insisting that all my new associates plug into your program to get them started. I can’t believe there is no charge for this great information. I can’t wait to go to your next First Steps training.

Hello Dani,

before plug-into your training system, I always tried to create new stuff to let people follow, and make personal opionion on successful people.

After 3 weeks listening to your calls, and attened your First Steps in Dallas, I figured out how stupid I was.. and now I commit to 500% follow your success system!

I just got back home from my 1st First Steps; had ONLY watched the 22-min demo of Dani prior to that – no other calls, no tapes, nothing. Have just started with Quick Start and listening to Script cd & studying scripts and am sooooooooooooooo excited. And most of all, so tearfully grateful for this last piece – you Dani Johnson. I truly know God led me to exactly when I was ready. I cannot WAIT to transform lives – starting with my own.
Blessings to Dani, Hans and all the team.

I am SO impressed with your focus on what it takes for ME to succeed. I’m heartened to hear that I’m on track @ the start of my business. I am using your training calls daily & will use your system for my new business partners rather than feel stressed over what I can/can’t teach them on my own!

we have listened too this call ,it was very interesting,dani makes alot of sense with what she has said, definitly gives us the amps too move on with our buisness. thanku john & angel


Thank you SO much for everything you’ve given my team! We love you!
From the spiritual, financial, emotional, and personal growth you’ve helped deliver to us…there are phenomenal things happening in all of our lives. I have all of your products and regularly listen to all of them. Plugging into your website, audio trainings, First Steps to Success Seminars, Creating a Dynasty, and Mentoring Program is a blueprint to absolute financial success in ANY industry for ANY person.
Oh yeah…and you have lead many people on my team back to a stronger relationship with God! Like I said…we LOVE you and your team Dani…keep up the GREAT work!

Jason Cardamone

When I’m in doubt I plug into Dani. Her Quick Training calls are loaded with so much valuable info, I was amazed at the content all over again. I’m going all the way with Dani…

Hello Dani, Hans & Staff,

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for the training & warmth that you pour into your sessions! I have been in business for a little over four months now, haven’t had a lot of success yet, but I do have the drive & determination to make it happen, and with the training that I’m plugging into, I know that it is just a matter of time before the lid will pop off & they’ll be no stopping me!

I’ve heard countless people expressing the fact that I just have to go to your 1st Steps to Success & Creating a Dynasty Seminars. I intend on signing up real soon! I look forward to seeing you in person!

You have truly been blessed by the Lord with a special gift, and we thank you for using that gift to help others spiritually, emotionally & financially!

God Bless You!

I have listened to your Qick Start – Seven Steps to Get your Business off to right start. It was thrilling to hear you speak of getting off to right start. I have been trying to get started for the past three months but to no avail. I am excited and anxious to start with your program. I am going to continue listening to your seminars and will direct the team I build to do the same thing. I know what I want and where I want to go. Now I will have the tools to do it. Thank you so much for this opportunity. You are truly a blessing to us all.

Wow!!! Listening to one to two call per morning does sink in. All I have to do is follow direction. When I’m open to follow direction I can easily duplicate that as well. I’m getting it Dani, to be a product of the product in every area.


I am just so excited to take your business starting advice and tools and put them to work. I started my business in November and was hit by the everyone is already broke its Christmas blues, how discouraging that was, but as of late I have had many business building ideas. Your quick start call #1 alone has given me even more excitement for my business and cant wait to put it to work.

Thank you so much,
One who will reach the top!

I just started 2 days ago and feel like I have made the best step forward I have ever made in my life in many years.
This call has helped me to understand that my goal will be reached and that, is to make as many people financially free as I can. Dani, you are unprecedented in the field you are in and will help to get me to my goal by listening to you every morning and each time I have the slightest feeling that I’m not up to it. You changed that for me and I will make sure each and every person I contact will have access to you and your phenomenol information and direction. God bless you, your family and your team!

I am looking forward to the Training in Los Angeles in March. You have truly inspired me in my Faith walk with the Lord with confirmation that he is building my business through your teaching. I just need to tell you some of the information has been implemented by my Upline Sponser. Greatest emphasis is the 3 way calling. thank you and God bless you. See you at the top as well!!!

I felt this call was a real eye opener. I know I need alot of training because I’ve never been in this type of business before but I also realized I’m not being near aggressive enough to make any money out of fear and I haven’t utilized my upline persons knowledge. I felt using her to approach friends and family they would feel I was snowballing them and would not be interested because of it.

After having signed up in Newtwork Marketing in 2001 – I haven’t had the proper Training & was just ready to GIVE It ALL UP – THROW IN THE TOWEL – THROW AWAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INVESTEMENT IN THIS BUSINESS !!!! I now have a renewed keenness due to my Contact in N.Z. Just watch me raise the stakes now – our Annual Covention is in Sydney end of this week — GOOD TIMING !! I am now ready to rock – (instead of selling my Convention Ticket & Ditching it all – I’m NEVER GONNA GIVE UP !!!!!! Thankyou Dani …. You’ll be hearing of my future success soon !!! Pamela

Hi Dani
My I have just started listening to your training, I really feel the power to make my dreams come true. I will let you know how I fast my business is growing because it will grow fast.
Thanks again for all your help. You were sent from GOD and I thanks you and Hans for all you have done to help me realize I am able to do anything I believe I can.

Hello my fellow networkers this is my first day in litening to you training session and I feel fully commited to wanting to do the business full time now not just part time. My wife is the major breadwinner in our family since I’ve been laid off work last year in early Feb. The fire within me has been stoked. I have a strong feeling that this year is definitely a year of change for this family, in can but not be. Godbless you all and keep up the great,fantastic,phenomanal work!!! Ric.

Hi Danni,

Awesome website. I came to the free session you did on Saturday night in Melbourne in Februrary 2007. In that short session you have motivated me to pusue my dream and given me some valuable skills to apply in my business. I have been following your quick start training and have found it very helpful. I have only been in my business for two months and I can see it growing. I look forward to seeing you back in OZ sometime soon!!!

Thank you,


The training that Dani offers is a blessing for all people trying to get started in a business or improve their business!

I listened to Dani over a year ago. As I sat here today, a year later, I am trying to figure out why have I not completed the goals I set then. I am rejuvenated and this time, it is done! Thanks Dani!

Thank you so much. I have now thought of people in a whole new light. I will be sending my team to quick start. You have helped me so much. You are the best.

I have listened off and on to your calls but this is the first start training that I have heard and it will not be the last there will definitely be more Dani in my daily schedule.
Thank you much

Dani – I just joined with you today and have already sent emails out to many of our downline and also to people that we know in other businesses to have them also plug into this. This is what we needed 3 businesses back -:(. We would never have quit if we had had this kind of training – instead of a lot of “hype”. May God richly bless you for what you are doing for others.

I thank you Dani Johnson for the great tools. I know that God will bless you for sharing with others. I have some things to change because of your training.

Thanks Dani. You are the best motivator and trainer. Youve given me a lot of strategies and tips that are so useful!!!!! Look out ! Here I go! thanks for all the testimonials! BILLIE McLEMORE

You are what I have been looking for. Thank you for your help. I have already started plugging my team into you. I can’t wait to see what happens.

C Fadden

Thanks so much for your motivation and inspiration. Last week I had zero leads and almost fainted when I read 200 leads should be on the list. As of last Saturday, I have found over 500 leads. That’s favor. Wow! This is great. I lost a very dear friend this week but called approximately 35 companies yesterday. That’s real good for me. Had a fear telephoning, but will continue today. Knowing that it will only take one or two of them to say yes. Haven’t had a chance to listen to your scripts but found a great way to find leads right in my city. Thanks so much. I’m really excited about your system. Have already referred you to some friends. However, having trouble downloading the info but will take notes.

This was my first time listening in and I will be back. I truly appreciate being referred to your site and I’m looking forward to geting the script book as well as getting to attend seminar in the near future. The seven steps presented here has been the steps that really hit home for me. Thank you very much.

I’m just getting started in my business and until today I wasn’t sure if I could do it, now after hearing you I’m only going to say , yes I can

I am as green as they come, I have been a staff nurse all my life and just getting started in my own business. My husband can sell snowballs to an Eskimo, but my personality is different. After listening to Dani, I am confident even I can learn to be successful in my business. I hope you will come back to the DC metropolitan area soon!

I am a nurse and went to a start up business class and the teacher emphasized that sales is where the money is. I was already in a networking business and started pretty good with my friends with no help from my upline(my uncle who does not know anything), did good for 2 months then
my motivation died because I ran out of friends and and knowledge. Then I
decided to come back and signed with referred by my networking company, after listening today, I think that I will be able to make
a new commitment and plug in my daughter as well and my friends. I have
a strong belief that we will be successful in our business. I am hoping to be
able to get to your conference in June.

Hello Dani,
All I have to say is that I am a mother of 5 also, although I’ve stayed at home most of the time while my boyfriend has worked outside the home, we are still barely making it it seems. Iv’e looked into home-based businesses in the past but I like many others was skepticle and always had or made an EXCUSE for why it wasn’t for me. Now that I am serious about giving it a try, although I haven’t even really started yet, I am determined to make it work for me because I really want my life to change, not only for my family but also for myself and thanks to you and the training calls I’ve heard so far, it’s just a confirmation of what I want to do will be the right decision for me. To know that there’s someone out there who really cares about your success really makes a difference.
Thank You

Hi Dani,
I’m new in this industry. I need help in actually getting out and selling the product, I’m stumped on that. Do you have any training for that? Also, I will be ordering the cd and script book. I can’t wait to see what I’ve been doing wrong so that I can immediatly correct myself. When are you coming to Tampa, Florida?
Thank you,

Hello Dani,

I want to tell you as everyone else is telling you, that you are fantastic!
I applaud you for giving people the opportunity to listen to you for free with hopes of going to your seminar one day. I would love to be able to do that one day and wonder when you would be in the Philadelphia, Pa area or Southern NJ.

I thank Mr Steve Arnold for telling me about this site.

Thank you,
Joy V/NJ

super-excited and completely inspired by your presentation. looking forward to expanding my business options! thank you for giving hope and saying no to excuses!:) thanks again, maggie

Dear Dani,
Thank you so much for the great advice and inspiration! I’ve wasted too much time making excuses and i am ready and determined to make something of myself and help others. Your presentation gave me an extra boost of confidence and its a nice feeling.
Thanks again for your time and consideration for others!:)

Thank you Dani. Your story is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to take my business to the next level.

Outstanding, outstanding!!!! I haven’t even recieved my kit from Ecoquest yet and I’m listening to these tapes and thinking, this is truly the very best way to start my business. God bless Dani and thank you, I know where I’ll be sending all my people!!!

Hello Dani,

Thank you in advance. I am at a crossroad in my life- and finally, I am able o en-vision a light at the end of the tunnel-Thanks again.

Here i am ready to jump into another program because the one i was in wasnt taking off for me. I start listening to Dani and three audios later Im
looking at something else Me. It once occured to me that people in a distressed situation actually have an advantage on getting something going because of drive, if they have it. But what it really comes down to with anyone is a decision and thats it. What was it`not the circumstances,the response to it` in my own words. Well after 58 years i know one thing you cant go around the situation you gotta go right through it. if you dont you cant beat it. Thanks for bringing that to my attention again.
phil jones

Another great call Dani. I am looking forward to meeting you, hopefully in the near future. I am just getting started and my director is giving be wonderful support. I am hoping to speed up my retirement plans by using your system. God bess you and by listening to you I can see he already has!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You make sense; you are practical and right on. You coach people to become system dependent vs. people dependent and it’s duplicatable success is real. Thank you for reminding me it is up to me and that if we want it bad enough; we will achieve it.

We can procrastinate and blame / excuses; or we can do something about it and give thanks for the opportunity and PASS IT ON to everyone. We cannot prejudge who will and who will not succeed; provide the opportunity to everyone; allow them to decide. Once you follow Dani’s 7 steps, you will prove to yourself it works and you will duplicate like a rabbit because it becomes very contagious. Don’t ever quit; the miracle is a few moments away!

Thank you for being so real and caring enough about us all to give of yourself; you are selfless. You are a messenger worth listening to because you always give it your absolute best…CSea

Hello Ms. Johnson,
My name is Ashanda Thomas, and I just join your training program today. The reason I am writing is to tell you how your delivery of training changed my life, without ever buying a thing! So I look forward to seeing you at the top!
I know you have already heard thousands of stories, but I feel that need to tell you mine also. I have been on the track to nowhere for a long time, and just by sitting down a few hours today reading and listening to you audio messages, you have changed my life! I heard you tell your story about your childhood, and I like so many others had a bad childhood, but mine was so bad I have post tramtic stress syndrom from it and it henders me a lot in things I want to do with my life, (but I’m working hard to get better and get pass it all) now that I have someone like you in my life plan God is Good!!!!
You will be having a training session an hour from my house in two weeks and I think that’s all i’ll need to set me on the right path. Thank You, Sincerely, Ashanda Thomas

I have taken your advice and plugging in each day to listen to your calls. Giving me the power to go out there and make some money. I feel confident now to bring in new prospects. I will be plugging in and sending my new people to you for their training as well. Thank you so much, because this is really going to help and I am determined to make it to the top. I want to take other people with me.

Hi Dani!

It’s unbelievable how inspiring you are. I am a person that has always had the will to succeed in life, but at times I’ve almost given up on myself. Listening to your calls and our training give me that extra push that I need each day. I don’t know how to thank you enough. God Bless!

I’m so glad that Heather told me to plug into your training calls. I know that I willl get where I want to be,If I do what you say.
Thanks Maxine

Awesome call! I’m just starting to really get into your material and find out the vast amount of information and training I can get from you to build my business. I’m already plugging people in. I hate that I missed you when you came to Baltimore. I hope you come back to the east coast real soon!!

Phenominal!!! I just got plugged into your training calls & I am ready!!!!! I am gonna do what I have to do to make it happen….. This is exactly what I need!!!!! Thank you!!

Dani, Thank you for your willingness to share whaat you have been given. Your training is so great and energizing I was able to implement some of the training into my focus group aswe studied our Bibles last nite. Can’t wait to see the results, also I sure am glad my team manager told us about ya.

God Bless You and Yours

Wow! The seven steps are so simple so there’s no excuse for any MLMer to try to figure out a secret. Stop waiting and just get it done right? Kathy and Tom’s testimonials at the end of this call should be enough for anyone in MLM to become a Dani Johnson student. I found you because of my past failures in MLM. I’m so glad I found you Dani! I’m going to make sure everyone in our team knows who you are and what kind of life-changing impact your trainings have.

Nam Do,
Houston, TX

Hello Dani,

You make it sound so easy. I hope I am able to succeed in my business
as much as you have through out your struggles. Thank you so much for
sharing your wisdom. I hope you come back to Arizona, soon.

Patricia Burgos

I am so glad that there is a trainer out here that
knows how to help the every day person in this
type of business opportunity.

You have brought back
that i can help people just by sending them to you!

I do belive there is all most nothing like wanting to
help someone and being able to do so. THINK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

Derrick Esmond
Nashville, TN

Thanks I found it hard to “market” as I wanted to help people so much and found I under valued the product, sold it cheaper or gave it away so had not the enjoyment of helping others or ourselves. I am a pearl and my husband is a emerald so he hasnt been that happy about it . The training is great and non threatening to the client and I can see will produce much greater results. Our business it going well but I can see as we apply your teaching it will improve dramaticly. Thanks so much to Dani, Hans and the team its been great. Corrine

Hi Danni
Just listen to you. You have got me going hundred mile an hour
I’m raring to go now I’ve got a good sponser to help me get started on my new career I’ll let you no Danni in 2 or 3 monhts how I’m going
Thank a lot John

Hi Dani!

Wow! Thank you for sharing a wealth of information. I can’t wait to get started on the seven steps. Fantastic testimonials!

Thank you so much,

Kathleen DeLuca
Pittsgrove, NJ


I’m a rookie networker but totally interested in maximizing my opportunity and you have provided just the kick in the pants that i’ve needed with my sorting mindset! I will be at my first D.J. seminar in Atlanta in January and I will be on the front row soaking up every bit of what you have to teach me!

Sincerely and with excitement!
Schelli Creacy
Stephenville, Texas

WoW Dani! Once again I ‘m very greatful that I got the opportunity to hear you for FREE and learn from you. Now, this is the second time I listen to this call for the simple fact that I created a note book that I will be using for all my notes, important information, personal resources, and notes on upcoming seminars that I WILL be attending. I think so far the hardest thing I wil have to do; would the 200 list of people, but if you can do it, I can do it, right! There are no excuses. Thanks again and I will see you soon! I can’t wait to make 6 figures and help others make 6 figures too! GOD BLESS!

Listening to this on my third day of tuning into Dani Johnson religiously. I am going to ATL this weekend with my husband and we have a goal of getting to the top within 90 days. I cant wait to get to First Steps. You are such an inpiration to me and my family. You being a Christian is even better in my book. We have 3 boys and my husband is in the military while we are working another business. We will do it and I cant wait.

Hello Dani,

This is call number 2 for me. It is awesome! I am going to have to listen to it more than once to get exactly the steps you are talking about. I always wanted someone to give me step-by step instructions and you have done this. I do know that this will work for me and my organization. I am truly thankful to God for allowing my friend Ruth to see you on TBN. I have been in MLM before but this time God had already placed on my heart that I would need training to be successful. I am on my way to my millions! Thank you for being obeident to God.

Dani, I her your testimony when you were with Benny Hinn last week, and it truly
bless me and encourage me. I came to the Lord when I was 12 years old and all my christian life(even through ups and downs) God has always been faithfull.
About 5 year ago the Holy Spirit told me that poverty was a curse and He asked me, “Do you want to break the curse of poverty in your life and your generations to come”?, I answer Yes, Lord. From that moment God has been teaching me about finances and He gave me a dream to start my own construction Company, He even gave me the name “Covenant Construction Group, Unlimited, My husband and I started by faith and in one year, we had done a project for $1.8 Million. We knew that this could only happen by divine assistance from God himself.

Later, God spoke to me and said “my people perish for lack of knowledge” and He commanded me to teach the spanish people on finances, and how he wants to bless us and prosper us. I started having monthly meetings in the city of Dallas, were we lived back in 2004.

We had so much success, that many people were coming to our meetings that did not know the Lord, but they wanted to success in business. They always ended up giving their lives to the Lord. So I knew that this was a great tool that God wanted to use.

After 3 years, one of my employees and a partner stole our company and we lost everything we had, we ended up being homeless. After one year of strugle the Lord gave my husband a dream, that He was going to move us to Florida and withing one month on January 2006, we moved to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Again, the Lord was so good to us, that we started the company here in New Port Richey, Florida. We are experiencing a great growth, but we need some cash flow. At this time we need about $200,000.00 to grow to our potential.

I would like your advise on how to create a cash flow very quick, because I do not want to missed the opportunities we have. My prayer is to financially successfull so I can teach the spanish people God’s Word and the keys to prosperity.

In Christ,
Rose Herrera

Dani, no one can list the 7 steps to success as you do. Thank you so much! I have heard something like this before but this has motivated me to attend the seminar that my sponsor’s upline is giving this weekend. I will be attending one of your seminars in the future.

Thanks for being the awesome woman of God that you are1

Every call gets more inspiring, things are looking up already. Looking forward to making my buisness work.

Wendy Lamblin

I’m just excited to see what has been done since this call. Kathy is the one who inspired me , end ofSeptmember, 2007. She told me , “I send all my leaders to ‘First Steps” . that did it for me. I’ve been to three First Steps, and one Dynasty. My life has not been the same!! I am changing. I have had 7 people go with me to these events, and It is helping me coach my wonderful team, and even minster to others, how Dani ministers to us at Dynasty. I took someone through the ‘ forgiveness excercise. Anyway, as I heard this call, it brought me back. I feel like it has been 5 years, because so much growth has occcured in me. My whole family is changing. All I know is, I highly reccomend you sign up for the next First Steps event, and if you haven’t completed your training, You have got to go to Dynasty!!!!!

I am Jacqueline Fulton and I have enjoyed this training. I have been that person that have tried many things and who have not had success but by listening to your call I am going to take the focus off myself and this month I am going to meet our contest goal of sponsoring 7 people this month.

Thanks so much, God Bless,

Jacqueline Fulton

Thank you Dani your no more excuses call is hard to listen to because it’s so true. Thank you for the boldness and compassion for us to tell us the truth.

Hi Dani,

I am truly blessed to have found your web site.
I have listened to some of the calls and i know that God definatley put this tool into your hands to bless many.
Keep up the good work ,we will be attending your first steps to sucess in London UK June 2008.

I have attended two of Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success. The first one was totally for my soul and the second was for my business. What Dani offers is great! We have to forgive ourselves to find the confidence we need in our businessess. We have to forgive others to make our lives successful. My son and daughter have both been to First Steps and the changes in all of us are unbelievable. Thanks you Dani for comforting and changes all of us who have attended your seminars.

Hi Miss Dani,

I have no excuses left; zero. I have been blessed with so much and all it has done is made me complacent. Comfortable. Your training is lighting a fire under me and I can’t wait to pick up the phone now!

Be blessed!

I’m new to this stuff, but I can say that Dani is GREAT. I am listening to the “Quick Start training” calls and I am amazed I what I am learning. This is great, just getting into a home based business and my sponsor referred me to Dani’s website. This is going to be a great opportunity to better my life, thanks Dani. No more excuses for me, I can’t afford it.

Amazing information. Empowering. I wish I had used this info when I attended first steps to success in 2005. I believe that my financial situation would have been quite different to what it is now. Well I guess that you learn from past mistakes to rectify and change your future.

Outstanding, very well put together. I Am so motivated, I’m like a sponge, I want more, WOW!. They say the Heavyweight Champs name is what? Dani Dani, Dani,Dani.

Hi Dani,
Someone gave me your book as a gift Spirit Driven Success and I was so involved in reading the golden nuggets in the book, I decided to e-mail you and got alot of good information about getting out of debt and starting a business that will help me in reaching this goal. I sent 4 e-mail address to some of my friends and family. I am looking forth into learning more about the tools that God gave you to motivate myself and other including my family as I speak to them about plugging into your site and find out for them self what God can do through a person that is being used by God to help others accomplish their dreams and prosper while helping others. I have spoke to many leaders that have not left me wiht much but I will pray for you and nothing more. I believe in prayer but like you said in your book faith without action is dead. I know that your gift will continue to bless other as they come to know about the company. Thanks for being a help to the Kingdom of God.

I learned very much and it motivated me to get to work and thanks so much for your inspiration.

My husband and I have been in direct sales for over a year and we thought that we were doing ok….just not great! My mentor put us on to this site and we can’t thank her enough! We are registered for the next first steps and can’t wait to absorb all of this intense knowledge and put it to work! Good luck to all of you and NEVER GIVE UP!

I am so grateful to my Lord and Saviour to get to know Dani’s methods right in the beginning of my six months old Business.I am so grateful to you Dani.
When I get back to USA I will go to First steps to success and then Spiritual equipping and creating a Dynasty all in as soon as possible.You help me to make my Business going.You have changed my way of thinking,being active communicating,selfmotivating,confidence etc.etc.

Thank you again dani now i know why you are so blessed. You truly care about everyone out there. Thanks again for building my confidence. May you continue to be blessed.

my first two weeks.of listening to tapes and reading Dani’s book, caused me to be top in the region in sales.winning a computer. that I am learning to use. Thank you. Johnson’s !!!!!

Listened to this awesome training call for the First time. I can not believe how i missed this call before as i am dedicated to this enterprise 120% and have been calling to listen to the conference calls for a long time now. I have a business with a great product and also am a distributor for another company who also have a great product and are hugely successful. My own system for doing business has barely made my company any financial progress for years and now with the economy as it is i forsee only stagnation unless i step up to the plate now and utilise the knowledge and skills i have been learning from Dani. This call is a gem. It allows you and your potential team to get it right from the get go. You are on the right track straight out of the starting gate. Great! All the best, Trevor Samuels.

I have never been homeless, but my mother is an alcoholic and my father was a drug attic and is now in prison. I too got married and lost it all including a settlement that I got in a car accident. My credit is shot and I can’t even fix my cars so they run. My spouse has no work right now and we are picking ourselves up off the floor yet one more time. Everything we do just blows up in our face. I started college in 2007 got my GED in 2005 and am trying to get a degree in substance abuse. I do get help from the system with medical insurance and food stamps, I see that I need help, but I don’t want the help I feel like a scum bag using it. We did get the money to get insurance, but it is just enough to get through December, come January there will be a big bill that is due to keep the insurance. I do know that you have to spend money to make money and trust me if had the money to spend I would. I also know that you have to have what you are selling, such as prepaid legal, because you are not going to sell people something that you don’t have yourself you are not going to know what it is that you are selling. Penny smart and dollar stupid is a great way to look at it. I think what she is trying to say is that if you want it you got to beat someone else to it. I think that everyone has to start at the bottom and go to the top. Dani says that you have to start out with something that is at a higher level with more money into your business. I guess that she makes a great point. I guess that if you go out and do it then if you have a lot of your own money then you will have the incentive to stick to it and to me that makes since. You need the training to make money, you aren’t going to go in knowing nothing and walk out rich you have to study and learn just like being in college. I agree with her.

I am sure that watching her would be a lot better than listing to her and; not seeing the body language that she has during the calls would be great. The wonderful thing that she tells you is that she too failed at what she was doing but if you keep trying then you will succeed. Watching people do what they do and learning from them; will help you do what you do better, and make more money. My spouse worked 12 years at a job and got laid off so I know what she is talking about. In the 5 years we have been together it has been an up and down rollercoaster working for other people. When I started college at 26 years old I felt like I was not in the right place in my life to start something new. I wrote my first paper and got it back and there was so much red on it I thought I was going to fail out, but I got it together asked for help and each paper got better. I am sure that what I want to do in my home business will work out the same way.

dani, thank you for this presentation i pray that i will be one of the first to get my buisiness of the ground and to a higher point.god bliss you…..yaw

these training are so awesome this is all stuff I would have liked to have in my tool box before I got started but better late than not have had it at all I am so Grateful that someone thought of me enough to share Dani’s program with me I cant wait to fully emerged in Dani’s program to move forward in building my business Dani your AWESOME!!!

1. I would like to have more time with my grandchild. 2. I would like to get out debt. 3. I would like to travel. 4. I would like to stop working at my current job which is a deadlock. 5. I would like to have a new 2014 rodeo vehicle cost at $30,000.00 to $40,000.00. 6. I would like to have free money to spend. 7. I would like to be able to donate money to cancer patients. 8. I would like to set up a college fund to for my grandchild. 9. I would like to give my tithes all the time to my church. 10. I would like to afford better health insurance.

Wow this is very powerful. Dani is awesome. Knowing where you want to start and follow those example people as well as you start position. This will ensure those who follow you will also start there too. Your business plan has to be a blueprint for others to duplicate and list all those prospects and never give up. So encouraged right now and loving the keys to success.

wow! i learned new stuff today by this training, and I will continue to listen to it everyday. Thank you so much for your help Dani. God continue to bless you and your family and business. GREAT example to all.

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Thank GOD for Dani Johnson and her energy and excitement. It truly is so motivating. I love listening and learning and putting into practice her steps every day and look forward to creating my story and getting to see Dani Johnson.

I’m on day 2 of the bootcamp training. I am a returning student to Dani Johnson’s training material. Thank-you Dani.

Wow!! God started to awaken the bussiness woman in me again and heal my heart. Listening to this, I remembered how I was before I quit because of a bad example I choose to follow who told me it was better to quit than to follow God’s Voice. Thank you Danni for living with and in God and teching us how.

Dani Johnson is the real deal! Mrs.Johnson has the gift of encouragement, as well as an anointed and enthuastic spirit! She speaks the truth in love. I’am excited and ready to go! God bless and be with you all! In Jesus name. Amen.


This is so incredible – only Day 2 and I cannot wait for Day 3. Is there anyway to download these to listen offline?

Dani it is absolutely awesome I’m stunning myself to hear this call and commit to very soon be on my first seminar with you I’m very excited and at the same time ready the turn my life around completely. Thank you so much

I just want to think you Dani for all this useful info. I’m going to put my all into this and I’m going to make it work. Thanks for sharing

Will this entire bootcamp involve network marketing (MLM)? Although it’s GREAT info, I have a different type of business, and we need your help. Thanks

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