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Weekly “Saturday Training” session is the KEY to your success

Tonight Dani talks about a topic that will give you a way to make an amazing amount of money. This is a topic that Dani has NEVER talked about beforein this forum! Listen to this Monday Night Strategy Call as Dani Johnson outlines her entire “Saturday Training” formula that generated thousands of dollars in business for her entire team.

Topics Include:

  • What is the BEST INVESTMENT that you can ever make in your business?
  • Why conducting a weekly “Saturday Training” session is the KEY to your success
  • How to strategically improve your retention level in your organization
  • How to increase your closing rations consistently on a weekly business
  • How important is involvement in your business growth?
  • What are 3 key strategies for involving your people?
  • A specific outline on how to give an effective training
  • Why aren’t people showing up to your presentations and what to do to get them to show up
  • Why don’t your people produce and how to get them to produce BIG
  • How to make your brand new people money right away
  • How to close 90% of the room before the meeting even starts!
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Keys To Unlocking Business Success (Part 1)

New year, new you – and new outlook on life, right? Everyone wants to start off 2011 the right way, so do you have a plan yet? What do you want to work on? What goals would you like to accomplish this year?

Well, sit down and relax: Dani Johnson wants to kick off the new year right – and with her new Webcast, “Keys to Setting Up Your Business for Success in 2011 (Part One),” she shares five specific strategies that will guarantee your success this year. Whether you want to grow your business, enhance your relationships, expand your customer base, increase your income, eliminate debt – or just enjoy life more fully, make sure to listen in!

Dani Johnson was the featured guest millionaire on ABC’s second season premiere of “Secret Millionaire,” and has recently made guest appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The View” and “Good Morning America.” And Dani knows what she speaks of: Raised on welfare, pregnant at 17 and homeless at 21, Dani became a millionaire at 23 – and knows what it is to start from the bottom, overcome adversity and rise to the top. So set aside an hour of your time, and plug into her latest Webcast right now – it’s a prime opportunity for you and your team to learn how to duplicate her success in your life.

If you’re looking for the key, look no further – Dani has the answers you need. Listen now by clicking on the player below!

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How To Train, Motivate, And Build Your Team

Relationship marketing expert and success coach, Dani Johnson answers more questions that members have sent in from a variety of topics including: training a team, motivation and building a business. This is an amazing call that will get you working and building your business bigger and better today!

Topics Include:

  • What is your commitment level in this business?
  • How to train your organization to be on the same page
  • Do you complicate your business?
  • Where you can find a system that will guide your steps in building a successful business starting today!
  • Are you in management mode and is that a good place to be?
  • How to get your associates to First Steps to Success
  • What should you always be doing, every day to drive your team to greatness?
  • How to pull the best out of your team and bring them to the next level
  • How to keep you motivated on a daily basis and why it is important
  • What do you do to retain customers?
  • How do you retain business builders and keep them working?
  • How do you get started in a brand new city?
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Master This Productivity Secret And Quickly Become A Top Earner And Producer With Your Company

Discover the hidden secret that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have used to cash-in and make ridiculous amounts of profits using a simple productivity secret to make more money in less time.

Have you ever struggled with making money and felt like “there’s just not enough hours in the day”? Do you ever pull hairs out trying to figure out how you can increase your income while working a job, raising a family, or going to school?

The 80/19/1 Rule

Dani Johnson shared this powerful formula at her recent First Steps To Success seminar in London, that will allow you to make more money in less time (even if you still work at a job, or are raising a family or going to school)!

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What It Takes To Succeed In A Home Business In 2010

Are you ready to learn "What It Takes To Succeed In A Home Business in 2010"?

Is a Home Based Business right for you? What does it really take to succeed as a home based entrepreunuer? Are they legit and can YOU make money? Dani reveals it all in this call; the good, the bad and the ugly of what it really takes to succeed in a home business in 2010 and beyond.

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Starting Your New Rep – Duplication Begins Here

The term “residual income” is thrown around loosely in the Home Business world but few actually experience it. One major key to momentum, duplication and long-term stability in your home-based business is to develop people on your team who will do better than you. Once you have in place at least 10 legs with reps that can produce the same or even better results than you can, you now have the makings of a multi-million dollar enterprise. In this article, I will show you how to get that process started.

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Five Steps To Building A Successful Business

Topics include:

  • Learn the 5 simple steps to building a successful, duplicatable home business
  • What to say and do on the initial contact and what NOT to say and do to turn your prospect off
  • The real purpose of the business presentation phase
  • How to do the follow-up and close, what questions to ask to build the prospects desire and get them to close themselves
  • Exactly what to train new associates for maximum duplication, why OJT (on the job) training is most effective, what NOT to train
  • Why leadership development is key to large incomes, solid foundations, long term business growth and residual income
  • Why steps 1-4 causes quick growth and quick duplication
  • 2 AWESOME testimonials from the recent Los Angeles seminar and more!
30 Day Bootcamp Duplicate

Day 27: A Step-By-Step System To Starting Your New Recruit Right

On this broadcast, discover a simple system to starting a new person the right way. Discover exactly what to do with your new rep that will get them a paycheck in the first 30 days and how to activate your new people so that they immediately go to work. Listen Today!

Topics Include:

  • 7 simple steps to start your new person off right
  • Why this is a good time to be in a home-based business and how you can thrive during the current economic crisis
  • Discover a guaranteed way to decrease your time spent working, without taking a cut in pay
  • How to generate a compounding residual income that will follow you for over 10 years
  • Understand what the one most important thing for your new person to do is
  • What you can do to motivate your team to get results when they’re not doing anything
  • How to build trust in your prospects, your new person, and in anyone you meet, so they will want to work with you
  • Increase your odds of succeeding in this industry with this simple little trick
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Q&A and Live Role Playing on Prospecting, Closing, Duplication, Time Management and More!

On this training audio, Dani spends over 1 full hour answering questions live from business builders just like you. If you have ever struggled with managing your time, prospecting, or closing, then this call is for you! Listen to this call today to get the answers you need to build a successful business!