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Taking the Mystery Out of Phone Prospecting

Yikes! Does that phone have teeth? Well, that’s what many people think when they work on a home-based business – and are afraid to make the right calls.

If you want to turn your business from a hobby into a successful professional occupation that makes you money and changes your life – you need this special video training!

In the video, Dani Johnson shares exactly what not to do when you are on the phone with a prospect – and what you should do. You can take what you learn in this video and make cash with it immediately!

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Boost Your Income In 90 Days…7 Simple Strategies Show You How!

Preeminent relationship marketing expert, Dani Johnson, answers questions from a group of home-based business owners about prospecting and closing, motivating people, communication skills and 7 strategies to boost your income in 90 days! The answers to these questions can change the way you do business and create massive profits. Listen now to hear how you can make your team and your check skyrocket in 90 days!

  • 7 strategies you need to implement to boost your income in 90 days
  • Learn the traps that stop you from becoming successful and how to avoid them
  • Discover what determines whether or not you become successful in ANY business
  • A few key tools that you can use to communicate better so that you are closing sales and becoming a leader people want to follow
  • Who should you surround yourself with to achieve the maximum success
  • What is the prospect concerned about that meets their needs
  • Are you informing or promoting? Discover which one will get you the most results!
  • What is the #1 key factor to success

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Closing (Part 3)

In this article you will gain the necessary closing posture to treat rejection like water on a duck’s back. I’ll show you how to not get defensive when the objections start flying at you. You will know what to say to turn those objections into sign ups. Here we go…



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The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Closing (Part 2)

In Part 1 of The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Closing, we covered three of the most common mistakes people make when they get to the closing questions. Having a successful business (whether you are in any type of sales profession, business building activity, getting new accounts, closing business deals, or making executive decisions) requires that you avoid common mistakes in closing that prevent your prospect from taking their next step, whether it is purchasing your product, signing up in your business opportunity, or hiring you or your company. In this article I’ll show you how to cut through the excuses and keep your prospect focused on their needs, strengths and goals. You will also discover the importance of sticking to a script so you don’t come off as a slimy salesperson. Here are a few more common mistakes and how to avoid them. My goal is to have you close like a professional with the right posture and authority so that it becomes effortless and fun. Let’s continue on…

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Closing (Part 1)

This article applies to any type of sales, business building activity, whether you are getting new accounts, closing business deals, or making executive decisions. What I’m going to share with you is from years of hands on experience helping thousands of people dramatically increase their skills in the art of closing. Let there be no mistake, closing is an art that, when you get good at it, becomes fun and exciting as you see the tremendous impact you can have on the lives of ordinary people. Closing is the most critical make or break part of your process for building a successful business so let’s get started with the first mistake:

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The Secret To Massive Profits & Mobilization

Dani Johnson LIVE at Denver CO First Steps To Success January 17, 2010

Watch Dani Johnson teach a segment on Building A Fire at a recent First Steps To Success Seminar! This technique has been used by our clients to boost their sales and explode their commission checks out of thin air! The technique is demonstrated by Dani in this video in a home based business example, but it has been successfully used by real estate agents and many other personal services/sales based careers as well.

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Identifying The 10 Types Of Reps In Your Business

Dani Johnson shows you the different types of people in your business and what to do with each one to turn them into an amazing, producing, duplicating leader. Listen today!

Topics Include:

  • Where to find a free script to download and use today!
  • What to do with your prospect who is too scared to get started and your new person who only did part of their homework?
  • How to easily turn a negitive team member into a positive producer
  • How to help your people when none of the prospects they call are home?
  • What to do with someone on your team who never shows up or is just plain lazy
  • Which type of person should you kick out of your business as soon as you find them?
  • How to find the right people for your business?
  • And much more!
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Follow-Up: How To Get Results For Your New People Fast (Activation to Mobilization)

In this webcast, Dani Johnson answers your questions LIVE about the challenges you faced following up with your prospects this last month. Listen today!

Topics Include:

  • How to go from activation to mobilization
  • How to increase your value in the market place (and your income) for free!
  • How to know when you should hire a boss
  • Where to get the training you need to remove the financial pressure you are feeling right now?
  • Are you selling your stress or your opportunity? Find out now!
  • Use this simple little trick to increase your prospects’ show up rate after a presentation
  • How to follow up with your prospects and have them thank you for it
  • What’s the difference between following up with a warm market and with a lead?
  • Which question you CANNOT afford to forget?
  • How to use other people’s success to close your leads
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Day 12: How To Turn Every Money Objection Into Massive Profits

On this broadcast, listen as Dani shows you the 3-step process everyone goes through to make a decision and what to say when someone says "I can’t afford it," "I’ll have the money later," or "the economy’s bad right now." With this broadcast, you can determine whether or not your prospect is worth the time to convert a “no” into a “yes”. Listen today and be on your way to master the money objection!

Topics include:

  • Discover a system to make your business take-off!
  • the perfect response to a prospect that says "The economy’s bad" that will help them rise above their current circumstances and get started with you
  • Use this easy answer to the three questions everyone has when presented with an opportunity and get greater returns
  • What one thing you can do to make your bank account grow, guaranteed!
  • How to make your business easy and let people know they CAN do it and see immediate results
  • Uncover why you seem to always get people that don’t have money and learn how to find the people who do
  • Discover the telltale signs that you are wasting your time with a prospect and how to respectfully let them go while getting referrals from them
  • How to pre-launch someone correctly, without spending any of your money or wasting any of your time
  • What EXACTLY to say to someone who says "I’ll have the money in 2 weeks"
  • Use this tip to get people to follow directions and go to work