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Master This Productivity Secret And Quickly Become A Top Earner And Producer With Your Company

Discover the hidden secret that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have used to cash-in and make ridiculous amounts of profits using a simple productivity secret to make more money in less time.

Have you ever struggled with making money and felt like “there’s just not enough hours in the day”? Do you ever pull hairs out trying to figure out how you can increase your income while working a job, raising a family, or going to school?

The 80/19/1 Rule

Dani Johnson shared this powerful formula at her recent First Steps To Success seminar in London, that will allow you to make more money in less time (even if you still work at a job, or are raising a family or going to school)!

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Starting Your New Rep – Duplication Begins Here

The term “residual income” is thrown around loosely in the Home Business world but few actually experience it. One major key to momentum, duplication and long-term stability in your home-based business is to develop people on your team who will do better than you. Once you have in place at least 10 legs with reps that can produce the same or even better results than you can, you now have the makings of a multi-million dollar enterprise. In this article, I will show you how to get that process started.

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Identifying The 10 Types Of Reps In Your Business

Dani Johnson shows you the different types of people in your business and what to do with each one to turn them into an amazing, producing, duplicating leader. Listen today!

Topics Include:

  • Where to find a free script to download and use today!
  • What to do with your prospect who is too scared to get started and your new person who only did part of their homework?
  • How to easily turn a negitive team member into a positive producer
  • How to help your people when none of the prospects they call are home?
  • What to do with someone on your team who never shows up or is just plain lazy
  • Which type of person should you kick out of your business as soon as you find them?
  • How to find the right people for your business?
  • And much more!
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Follow-Up: How To Get Results For Your New People Fast (Activation to Mobilization)

In this webcast, Dani Johnson answers your questions LIVE about the challenges you faced following up with your prospects this last month. Listen today!

Topics Include:

  • How to go from activation to mobilization
  • How to increase your value in the market place (and your income) for free!
  • How to know when you should hire a boss
  • Where to get the training you need to remove the financial pressure you are feeling right now?
  • Are you selling your stress or your opportunity? Find out now!
  • Use this simple little trick to increase your prospects’ show up rate after a presentation
  • How to follow up with your prospects and have them thank you for it
  • What’s the difference between following up with a warm market and with a lead?
  • Which question you CANNOT afford to forget?
  • How to use other people’s success to close your leads
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Building A Fire: Create Massive Momentum And Huge Paychecks For Your Business!

On this broadcast, Dani will equip you with a vital tool for building momentum and duplication in your business that will result in exponential growth. Discover how to "light a fire" so your prospects start making money immediately and get on a path to grow a solid residual income. You need to know and understand this if you plan on building a successful long-term business. Listen today!

Topics Include:

  • How to turn your horrible month into your best month ever, even if you only have three days left
  • 3 secrets to immediate action in your team
  • How to leverage the work you do every day to make others work harder
  • Use this duplicable system and remove yourself from managing a huge team
  • How to free yourself from depending on someone else for your future
  • What you can do to turn your dead contacts into your top producers
  • How you can build a fire to ignite your business
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Quick Profits – 5 Steps to Start New People Right

Tonight Dani talks about a simple and easy way to start your new people so they are earning a profit within 72 hours! Dani role plays live with others who have experienced amazing success using these same steps. Hear specific scripts on how to handle almost every objection and get your new people to work immediately, increasing your check and theirs!

Topics Include:

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5 Simple Steps to Start Right and Stay Right

Tonight Dani talks about 5 simple steps to get your team started and keep them on the right track. Learn how to handle objections from new people after they get started in your team. Dani role plays with some of her most successful students, giving specific examples on how to deal with some common objections. Learn how to increase retention in your business and dramatically grow your income immediately!

  • What is the easiest thing to get your prospects interested in?
  • Where does the work actually begin in your business that will make you long-lasting residual income?
  • What do you need to establish with every new person that joins your team?
  • Why setting expectations for your new people can increase your check tremendously
  • How important immunize and remind is in keeping your team focused towards their success
  • What to do with your new people when they hit a road block and how to help them get through it
  • What is the most important thing you can do for your new people to build them up for success
  • Who should you be focusing on in your team?

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9 Steps To Have Your Best Month

Tonight Dani talks about 9 steps you can take to make this month your best, and how you can make the next three months more prosperous than ever!

Topics include:

  • What is the gift that you have that costs nothing but means everything?
  • Four things that will shape your career if you implement them NOW
  • What do you need to get rid of in order to make this season your best yet?
  • Who you should pay attention to and what you should do to blow your business through the roof
  • What is the first thing you should invest in for ultimate success short and long term
  • What every new person in your business should expect and how to train them
  • How to prepare your new prospects for success immediately
  • Why it is important for you to stay plugged in to local training or training calls
  • What to put your complete focus on now and amaze yourself by how fast your check will grow

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Weekly Saturday Training Outline

Tonight Dani talks about a topic that will give you a way to make an amazing amount of money. This is a topic that Dani has NEVER talked about before in this forum! Dani outlines her entire "Saturday Training" formula that generated thousands of dollars in business for her entire team.