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Starting Your New Rep – Duplication Begins Here

The term “residual income” is thrown around loosely in the Home Business world but few actually experience it. One major key to momentum, duplication and long-term stability in your home-based business is to develop people on your team who will do better than you. Once you have in place at least 10 legs with reps that can produce the same or even better results than you can, you now have the makings of a multi-million dollar enterprise. In this article, I will show you how to get that process started.

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Secrets To Leaving Effective Voicemail Messages

You just purchased some fresh home based business leads and it amazes you how many prospects are not there when you call. People aren’t calling back when you leave a voicemail message and you feel like you’ve wasted your time and money. Let me show you a foolproof voicemail message that makes prospects want to call you back right away.