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Building A Fire: Create Massive Momentum And Huge Paychecks For Your Business!

On this broadcast, Dani will equip you with a vital tool for building momentum and duplication in your business that will result in exponential growth. Discover how to "light a fire" so your prospects start making money immediately and get on a path to grow a solid residual income. You need to know and understand this if you plan on building a successful long-term business. Listen today!

Topics Include:

  • How to turn your horrible month into your best month ever, even if you only have three days left
  • 3 secrets to immediate action in your team
  • How to leverage the work you do every day to make others work harder
  • Use this duplicable system and remove yourself from managing a huge team
  • How to free yourself from depending on someone else for your future
  • What you can do to turn your dead contacts into your top producers
  • How you can build a fire to ignite your business
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Q&A and Live Role Playing on Prospecting, Closing, Duplication, Time Management and More!

On this training audio, Dani spends over 1 full hour answering questions live from business builders just like you. If you have ever struggled with managing your time, prospecting, or closing, then this call is for you! Listen to this call today to get the answers you need to build a successful business!

Close Pro Members Prospecting

2 Hour Special – Live Role Playing and Q&A

On this training audio, Dani spends over 2 full hours answering questions and live role playing with business builders just like you. Listen to this call today to get the answers you need to build a successful business!

Topics Include:

  • How to tell where you need help in your business and where to get it
  • How to avoid a slow torturous death in your business and reap a great harvest
  • How to use the script book to get prospects eating right out of your hands
  • How exactly to book an appointment with your prospect that drastically increases your show up rate
  • How to not get intimidated by questions and the vest way to answer them
  • Dani demonstrates the best ways to utilize the questions in her script book
  • How to leverage a “Project of the Month” for greater gains, for you and your project!