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10 Specific Tips Show You How To Prospect Like A Professional

Tonight Dani talks about how to prospect like a professional. Learn 10 specific tips that will improve your prospecting skills if you implement them today! Dani goes through a live role-play that shows you exactly how to prospect and close in many markets. This is a very powerful call that you should listen to right away!

  • Where you can go to learn how to get out of debt, better communication skills and many more tools that can change your life?
  • What is the right posture and attitude when you go into a conversation?
  • What is the difference between you and a six-figure income earner and how to bridge to gap!
  • Why conditions on your business success will stop you from growing
  • Who should you specifically be looking for when prospecting?
  • What one thing you can do that doesn’t cost anything but can make you millions?
  • Learn a technique that can radically change every aspect of your life
  • What is the difference between the internal game and the external game?
  • Who’s goals are you thinking about when prospecting and why this is important