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How To Re-Position Yourself For Success

On this call, Dani will tell you what you should be doing that will change the course of your business for the rest of the year! Do you know how to make money? Learn from a multimillionaire EXACTLY what to do this month. Be sure to send at least ten people to this call by the end of the day and watch your income take off!

Topics Include:

  • EXACTLY where to focus your attention in the next 30 days to capitalize your potential and blow out your check
  • Are you wasting time because you are lacking skill? Find out how to get the skills you need to save time and make more money
  • Where to learn how to increase your show-up and closing ratios in 1 day!
  • Specific strategies you can use to remove the limit on your income today
  • Where is the fortune and how you can get it!
  • Why you want to raise up people that are more successful than you and how it can make you unusually successful
  • What you can do in the next few weeks that will increase your income to the next level – learn the secret that 98% miss.
  • Are you a hobbyist or a professional? Which one earns you more?
  • 3 things you can take advantage of right now that can increase your skills in the next 30 days
  • Highlighters and a new journal… find out where these things can earn you money
  • what you can learn in 5 days that will significantly increase your value in the marketplace
  • How to work less hours and quadruple your income!
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Insider Closing Secrets

Dani shares valuable sales and marketing secrets that give you insight on the area of closing with direct examples from her sold-out coaching class. This is an amazing call that will show you step by step how to reach the level of success that you desire now and how to sustain it.

Topics Include:

  • What is the single quality you NEED to succeed in any business or sales profession?
  • How to stop trading hours for dollars and make your life worth it
  • What you ALWAYS need to do in order to reach an amazing level of success
  • Finding out who your market is and how to reach them
  • Avoiding the mistake that most people make when dealing with other people
  • How to handle any objection that comes up
  • What is the most powerful way to get a message across to someone?
  • So many insightful secrets you can’t miss this!