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How To Maximize 100% Of Your Market

Tonight’s call is out-of-this world amazing!! Dani shares secrets about how she built her business learn specific steps that she took to make 1 million dollars in less than two years!

Topics Include:

  • Where does most of your income come from and how to maximize it!
  • What is the biggest mistake that Dani sees people make, and how it could be costing you thousands!
  • Learn exactly how Dani made $74,000 in sales volume in four days
  • Which success tool you can use to increase your closing ratios to 90%!
  • Where you can find strategies to maximize your home presentations and make a profit immediately
  • One simple thing you can do to compel other people to get what you have
  • How you can use the website to earn a 6-figure income
  • What is the reason most people get in to this business, Dani included, and how you can speak specifically to them
  • How you can increase your confidence and your income by changing just one thing
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Strategic Keys To Effective Marketing

Topics Include:

  • What every prospect looking for and how you can give it to them
  • What are you marketing and how you know if it is what you should be marketing
  • Are you an amateur or professional in growing your business – which one makes you more?
  • What are people impressed with the most from you?
  • Where you can send your team to learn specific direction about how to go to work
  • What are you really promoting and is it growing your check?
  • How to know if you are overloading your new people with information and what it could be doing to your organization
  • Where a brand new person can go to get started and learn how to earn a profit in 48 hours!
  • Where you can direct a new prospect to experience success immediately
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Create Massive Momentum In Your Business Over The Next 90 Days

Tonight learn where your focus should be to create massive momentum in your business over the next 90 days. Dani will teach you what multi-millionaires know and what makes them money!

Topics Include:

  • How this time of year is crucial to your business growth and what you need to do
  • Learn how one person made $70,000 of sales volume in one month
  • Are you spending your time on things that will make you money or things that will not?
  • What you can do to secure a huge paycheck in June, July and August?
  • Which market to be working this month for maximum profit?
  • What type of “bank account” you need to be using daily?
  • Learn what “I need you” mode is and how to free yourself from it
  • Which information to put in front of your people to have them earning money FAST!
  • What questions that you can ask to have your prospects to close themselves
  • How you can shave years off your path to success
  • What you might be stalling on that millionaires are jumping head first into