30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 4: Secrets To Making Money Your First Week In Business!

Tonight, Dani will teach you what you really need to know to make money your first week in the business! This call is a great call for new people as well as anyone who wants to be financially independent and live their dreams.

Topics Include:

  • How to stay away from actions that will guarantee failure and use a simple system to success.
  • Why does a doctor have the authority to earn 6 figures and how you can get that authority?
  • How you can easily tell which prospects will work and which will not
  • How to know when you should "NEXT" someone
  • Are you building your business as a professional or with a lottery mindset?
  • Learn how a mother of 11 made $65,000 – working part-time!
  • Discover what you could be doing that might be wasting your time and money
  • What Dani says about stepping up to the top package
  • How you can learn from the source and build your business fast!
  • Dani’s FREE GIFT for you!
30 Day Bootcamp Leadership Prospecting

Day 20: Simple Steps To Skyrocket Your Profits This Month!

In this audio training, success coach Dani Johnson gives you specific steps that you can take to build your business bigger than you ever imagined this year!

You will learn how to simplify your process, making more money in less time.

This is a perfect call for people just starting out or if you have been in business for years! Listen NOW, implement what Dani says, and watch your check explode in the next 90 days!

30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 17: What It Really Takes To Be A Winner And How To Succeed Fast!

Tonight, Dani will show you the difference between a whiner and a winner and how to become a winner! Learn what works for your business to be profitable starting today. How to produce maximum results and walk in the ways of a winner now!

Topics Include:

  • Do you want to be a winner or a whiner?
  • What level of authority do you have over your life?
  • Specific steps you can take to lead a great team starting today
  • What does a whiner look like? What does a winner look like?
  • What have you sewn into your business? What will you reap?
  • What type of person do you attract and which one makes your check bigger?
  • Does cheating the system increase your income?
  • Do you use the information you receive or lose it?
  • Are you committed to your business? Really?
  • What is the biggest reason for whining? How to overcome it.
  • How are professional skills developed?
  • Why you have had failure in the past and how to overcome it
  • What are the results of a winner vs. a whiner?
  • How do you get out of a self-serving mentality?
  • What do you do with the whiners in your business