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Earn Maximum Profit While Others Vacation This Holiday Season

Tonight Dani talks about the possibilities – what are you capable of? What are you going to do in the next month to end this year out as the greatest year you have ever had? Hear how this holiday season can put you in the top bonus pools! Dani also talks to some students from her coaching classes that will inspire you to get out there and DO IT NOW!

Topic includes:

  • Specific ways to deal with the “seasonal” objections
  • How to deal with objections from each personality and how to talk to everyone!
  • What can you do this month to take advantage of the season and grow your business exponentially?
  • Simple things you can do with your team to motivate them to end the year big!
  • What will make you BIG MONEY this season?
  • How you and your team can be at the top of their bonus pool in the first quarter of next year
  • How turn your excuses into opportunity today!
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Specific Strategies For The Holiday Season!

Tonight Dani talks about specific strategies to explode your business through the holiday season. How you can get over the obstacles that get in your way, get focused, and close this year with your biggest numbers! How you can turn obstacles into opportunity! Learn five different ways for your people to enhance their skills and increase their check immediately!