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5 Simple Steps to Start Right and Stay Right

Tonight Dani talks about 5 simple steps to get your team started and keep them on the right track. Learn how to handle objections from new people after they get started in your team. Dani role plays with some of her most successful students, giving specific examples on how to deal with some common objections. Learn how to increase retention in your business and dramatically grow your income immediately!

  • What is the easiest thing to get your prospects interested in?
  • Where does the work actually begin in your business that will make you long-lasting residual income?
  • What do you need to establish with every new person that joins your team?
  • Why setting expectations for your new people can increase your check tremendously
  • How important immunize and remind is in keeping your team focused towards their success
  • What to do with your new people when they hit a road block and how to help them get through it
  • What is the most important thing you can do for your new people to build them up for success
  • Who should you be focusing on in your team?

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How To Overcome Fear In All Areas Of Your Life

Tonight Dani talks about specific steps that you can take to overcome fear in all areas of your life, increasing your success to amazing levels!

Topics Include:

  • 11 steps into helping you overcome fear and how to apply them today
  • How to overcome the plague of fear
  • One question to ask yourself to know whether you will make it in this business.
  • What fears you deal with, why you have them and how to ‘get over it.’
  • How to become a professional at what you do.
  • What your thoughts should be focused on for success.
  • Do you want to be a success in what you do? How to get what you want.
  • What to do if you have doubt and what doubt can do to your business.
  • How to lead yourself into action in your life and your business.
  • Who should you surround yourself with to make things happen now.
  • What you should NEVER do and what you should ALWAYS do.
  • When you decide to become a professional how to make things happen right away and so much more!