Expose Pro Members Prospecting

How To Make More Money Without Sacrificing Your Life

Tonight Dani answers questions that members have sent in from a variety of topics including: prospecting, cold calling leads, how to generate prospects, talking to your warm market, what to say in a short presentation, and so much more! This information will help you grow your business faster and bigger!

Topics Include:

  • How to make an incredible amount of money without sacrificing your life
  • What does the marketplace pay for and where to get it
  • How to simplify your current business model to make more money in less time
  • Where to go to increase your closing ratio to 90%!
  • How you can improve the percentage of people that return your call
  • What is the "Friends First" concept and how to use it
  • A voicemail script to use for prospects to get them to call you back
  • What is the best way to generate prospects?
  • How to stand out from the rest of the industry and make millions
  • What is your prospect loyal to. And it’s not your products!
  • How do you get friends and family to look at your business?
  • Where to go to take your business to the next level and increase your check today!
Leadership Pro Members

How To Make This Month Better Than Last Month

Tonight Dani asks an important question: How are you going to make this month better than last month? How are you going to make this month better than May last year? Dani goes over 8 points to make this month the best month ever!

Topics Include:

  • What goal can you set that will make May better than April?
  • Why is it important to set goals?
  • How should you set your goals to achieve them
  • What will happen to you this month if you do not set a plan
  • Once you set your goal, then what?
  • Do you want to succeed or not?
  • What area in your business do you need to improve this month?
  • What personal development area you are going to improve on this month?
  • What area can you improve with your spouse or your children?
  • How will you make it worth it?