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Q And A: Make Money Right Away, And Teach Your Prospects To Do The Same

Tonight Dani answers questions that have been submitted by members. Dani covers a variety of topics from getting a new person started to handling objections from prospects. This is a phenomenal call where you will learn how to dramatically increase your profits this week!

Topics include:

30 Day Bootcamp Prospecting

Day 11: Prospecting – How To Do It, And How To Do It Better!

Tonight’s call is about successful prospecting and how by changing just one thing you can improve your numbers immediately! Dani role plays with someone on prospecting in all types of situations. Listening to this call will change the way you do your business and increase your check today!

Topics include:

  • What to do different to get better results in your business TODAY!
  • How to get the skill development that you need to reach the success you dream of
  • What three things do you need to watch your business explode now?
  • Keys to communicating with prospects with confidence
  • How to increase your “show-up” ratios and grow your business
  • Find out why you are provoking objections and how to turn them into sign-up’s
  • How you can improve your non-verbal communication and in turn improve your business
  • Examples of how to deal with warm and cold market objections ad turn them around to work for you
  • Specific scripts to use for most every prospecting situation
  • How to lead with confidence every time you communicate
  • What you need if you want to see your business absolutely explode!
30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 18: Dani’s Personal Secrets To Creating Momentum

Tonight Dani talks about a brand new subject that she has NEVER talked about on a Monday night call. Creating Momentum! How Dani has created momentum in her personal businesses to maintain a long and sustainable business.

Topics include:

  • What is Dani’s secret to creating momentum immediately
  • How can you maximize events to build your business and increase your check
  • What can your new prospects use as a fall-back plan
  • How to triple your income in 2006
  • Words that you can say to create momentum and how to say it
  • What should your first priority be during an event?
  • Learn the quickest way to get the most out of one event
  • What you need to establish with your team to create momentum
  • How to maximize events to turn customers into business partners
  • Who you should count on to fill your business presentation
  • How to create momentum in your home presentations
  • What you should ALWAYS be doing
  • How to get your new prospects to beg you to be in your business
  • What will increase the sales in your business NOW
30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 14: Frustration? Discouragement? How To Overcome And Succeed Now!

Tonight Dani talks about seven reasons why people quit and the solutions to ensure that you overcome and succeed NOW!!

Topics include:

  • Industry secrets that can help you make your monthly income bigger immediately
  • How your mindset can lead you down the road to success
  • What determines your success from the very first second of you starting your business?
  • How to stop the frustration, discouragement and disappointment in your business
  • What is a guaranteed way to increase your confidence and in turn increase your sales?
  • What skills to develop if you want to make money
  • How you can get people to follow you with looking at one aspect of yourself
  • Who you should be around if you want to be successful
  • Where your focus should be to grow your business exponentially
  • What you should set your mind to in order to be successful