Leadership Pro Members Prospecting

Personal Growth And Leadership, Live Q & A

Tonight Dani takes more questions LIVE from call participants. This is a live and interactive call with questions regarding prospecting, time management, leads, closing, phone fear, and so much more!

Duplicate Pro Members

Duplication: The Power Of A System

Tonight Dani asks the question, “What do you want to duplicate?” Learn how to turn your business into a systematic machine with the potential to generate a huge income!

Topics include:

  • How to leave a legacy in this world.
  • Are your actions following your words?
  • Three ways to make money in America.
  • How do you make the most money in the least time.
  • What is the secret to duplication?
  • Find great examples of successful duplication to emulate.
  • What are some inherent flaws of the home-based business industry and how to overcome them.
  • How a system can change your business today to start building a huge residual income today!
Getting Started

Quick Start – Day 2: How To MAX OUT Your Opportunity!

This call is for brand new people! Dani teaches seven essential steps to follow to get your business on the right track from the start. She shows how profound these simple steps can be in getting your business off the ground in the right place, at the right time, and in the right direction. There are also powerful testimonials from some of the leaders in the industry who have become six figure income earners using Dani’s system. Do not miss this call if you want to take your business to the next level and reach the success you have always dreamed of!

30 Day Bootcamp Leadership

Day 22: The How To’s Of Building Your Business

This call was a replay of one of Dani’s best calls that originally aired on January 26, 2004. If you have already listened to this call, listen again and learn something new!

Topics Include:

  • A Seminar update.
  • How to tell your story.
  • What your prospect cares about most.
  • How to build your business when you don’t have results yet.
  • Outline to telling your story that gets 10x the results.
  • How to create urgency, how to keep your people motivated when they get discouraged and want to quit.
  • Examples of how to tell your story.
  • What to remove from your story that is losing you sales.
  • How to make your story powerful even if you haven’t had success yet.
  • Focus on creating your story first.
  • How to motivate your customers and reps with stories.
  • How to use stories to get massive amounts of referrals from your customers.
  • How to increase your potential market exposure by 75% and more!
Close Pro Members Prospecting

Vital Information On Prospecting, Closing, Personalities And More!

Tonight Dani covers a variety of topics from prospecting and closing to personality types to working with professionals. This call has so much information you should listen to it many times over!