30 Day Bootcamp Present

Day 6: Successful Presentations

Part 2 of the 5 week series covering the critical 5 steps of building a successful home based networking business. Tonight’s call was on step #2 – Successful Presentations! Here are some details:

Topics include:

  • What the purpose of the presentation is, what it is not.
  • 7 different types of business presentations.
  • Tips for web presentation success.
  • Tips regarding using info packs to tell the story.
  • Tips for conference call presentations.
  • 1 on 1 live presentation tips.
  • Using a 5 minute intro call to web presentation successfully.
  • Doing a 1 on 1 presentation over the phone, what to avoid.
  • Tips for successful group presentations.
  • How to create urgency in your guest.
  • How to maximize the business presentation results by prepping your guest correctly.
  • Keys to edifying the presenter or presentation itself.
  • How to frame the prospects mind to determine the presentation outcome, how to direct their mindset before the presentation ever starts.
  • Why you do not want to use the word presentation with your prospect.
  • Edifying other team mates and associates for increased results.
  • The #1 thing that causes people to signup in a presentation.
  • How to answer someone who asks ‘can you just send me the information?’
  • Understanding the psychological mindset of a prospect going through a presentation.
  • Why you’ll get more results letting your prospect see you read a script or flip chart.
  • Questions of the week answered: How to make Dani’s techniques work with a party plan and advise to an employee who must keep a low profile at work.
30 Day Bootcamp Prospecting

Day 5: Initial Contact

Dani kicked off a new 5 week series covering the critical 5 steps of building a successful home based networking business. Tonight’s call was on step #1 – Making the Initial Contact! Here are some details:

Topics include:

  • Learn the #1 purpose of the initial contact.
  • Learn the primary difference in the mindset between professionals and amateurs.
  • How to discover a prospects needs, strengths and goals.
  • The right mindset to have when making the initial contact so you can connect with your prospect and build trust.
  • How to build a connections between your prospect and your business opportunity.
  • What your focus should and should NOT be on when making the initial contact.
  • How to make a friend fast.
  • How to ask the right questions to discover their needs, strengths and goals.
  • How to develop the posture and authority of a business developer, not a sales person.
  • How to get them to reveal to you who they are and how to recruit them.
  • How to match their body language and relate to them.
  • How much time to spend building a rapport and getting the prospect to talk about themselves.
  • How to make the initial contact with warm market.
  • What your prospect truly cares about, learn this and you’ll be years ahead of the competition.
  • How to deal with the person who sounds or acts like they have everything and don’t have any needs or goals.
  • Words to stay away from.
  • Live role play and more!
30 Day Bootcamp Duplicate

Day 25: The Art Of Duplication

Tonight Dani talks about another brand new subject that she has NEVER talked about on a Monday night call. Effective Duplication. Dani role-plays with one of her coaching students and First Steps graduates about how duplication works! Listen to a case study proving that this process absolutely works!

Topics include:

  • A process that can teach you how to make thousands of dollars overnight!
  • How to get your brand new person on their own and producing huge results quickly
  • What is on the job training and how you can use this time to make money
  • What you can do to solidify business for your brand new person
  • How to see exponential growth in your business immediately
  • What you should focus on every day, every week
  • How to truly develop a business in less time making more money
  • What is the first objective when you bring a new person into your business
  • How one person who recruited 16 people in 5 days after learning Dani’s system
  • A process that you can use implement into your sales force now to increase your numbers now
Expose Present Pro Members Prospecting

Secrets On Building A Retail Business And More!

Topics include:

  • First, recap on last weeks goal call and a quick
    shot in the arm from Dani.
  • Making 2005 your best year ever.
  • Dealing with discouragement.
  • How to get out of your situation.
  • 4 keys to foundation of building a retail business.
  • Tapping into the warm market goldmine.
  • 4 tips to market and expose your products.
  • Ideas for conversation starters.
  • Getting others to expose your products and brochures for you.
  • Example of a billion dollar exposure method you are probably over looking.
  • Followup tips, how and when to follow-up.
  • Secrets to building long-term loyalty.
  • The quickest most simple approach to get your business off the ground and more!
Leadership Pro Members

Keys To Setting And Achieving Your Goals

Topics include:

  • Keys to setting and achieving dynamic life changing goals this year.
  • Mindset of goal setting and goal achieving.
  • Tapping into visualization of the end result.
  • Why you may be just a piece of paper away from hitting ALL of your goals, THIS YEAR!
  • Keys to guaranteeing 2005 is a totally different year than 2004, or 1994 or 1984 or… just repeating your past.
  • Making the decision to move forward, NOT stay the same or worse, backwards.
  • Setting goals that motivate you to action, types of goals you should be setting for 2005.
  • How to unlock your potential NOW and start moving forward towards the impossible today.
  • And much more!