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Setting Goals To Improve Your Business

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Business In 2005!

  • How to avoid the “roller coaster” and relax into greater profits.
  • What to focus on to increase positive results.
  • How to set realistic goals and achieve them.
  • How to handle mistakes and failures.
  • How to pick a skill and master it this year.
  • Increase your income by talking to more people.
  • How to redirect your focus to the most important areas of your business.
  • How to become better at time management so you can get greater results in all areas of life.
  • How to have more fun in your business.
  • How to grow your faith in the market place and much more!
30 Day Bootcamp Close Prospecting

Day 28: People Skills To Prospect And Close

This call covers the most fundamental skill you will need for any endeavor in life! If you want to master the art of PEOPLE SKILLS, then this is one of those calls you should listen to several times. 13 steps to building a rapport, building trust and mastering the Dani Johnson concept of “Friends First” for increase success ratios in your prospecting and closing.

Topics include:

  • Starting on the right foot when meeting or talking to people for the first time.
  • How to create the kind of energy that is just like talking with your best friend.
  • How to get others to be interested in you and what you have to say.
  • The proper mindset to have when talking to people.
  • How to discover their needs, strengths and goals.
  • How NOT selling will give you MORE results.
  • How to be professional, but not a “corporate stiff.”
  • How to speak a language your prospect or new “friend” will understand.
  • How to get rid of your “network-eeeze” language and increase your attraction of others into your business.
  • Why taking notes on the phone with a prospects will help you earn more money.
  • How to control the conversation by asking the right questions and how to get them to talk about themselves.
  • How to respond to common questions you may be asked by a new prospect about your business model.
  • How to instantly get someone to trust you and want to follow you as a leader.
  • How to instantly break the ice and create positive energy, even if on the phone.
  • Much more!
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Maximize Your Customer Base And Sales Force

Topics include:

  • How to maximize your customer base and sales force and increase production levels overnight.
  • Using the training system for maximum leverage of your time.
  • Insights to things you may be doing to diminish your groups production.
  • How to get your people to work in their strengths, not their weaknesses for maximum profits, production and motivation.
  • How to get your focus in the right place for increased profits and total self motivation.
  • 7 points to dealing with people.
  • How to identify your people’s strengths.
  • How to encourage them to more success.
  • Why trying to change your people or make them what “you” want them to be can hurt your paycheck and THEIR success.
  • How to get them to eagerly do more.
  • Step by step system of how not to “bite” on their excuses and motivate them into action and more growth.
  • How to change “their state of mind” and create an eager want and get them focused on results.
  • How to equip your people to step up and succeed.
  • How to get your people “system” dependent and not “you” dependent to leverage your time and dramatically increase your success.
  • How to spur them on for even greater success once you have them on the right track.
  • 13 steps to maximize your customer base.
  • How to get over your fear of follow-up.
  • Learn what the “real” value of what you are selling is – no matter what the product or service.
  • Learn what your clients “really” want from you.
  • Why increasing your communication and listening skills and mastering the “FORMing” process is the key to massive client success.
  • How to back your customers into the business.
  • How to get your customers to send you referrals.
  • Exactly how and when to follow-up with you customers and what to say when you call them.
  • How to invite them to look at your company, example of what to say.
  • How to ask for referrals, example of what to say.
  • How to use a thank you/referral letter, example of what the letter should say.
  • How to get opportunity referrals, example of what to say.
  • How to help them earn their products or service for free, example of how to do this and what to say.
  • How to do 3 way calls with your customers, examples of how to do it and what to say.
  • How to get your clients to enthusiastically show up to an opportunity meeting and close 50% of the room to join.
  • How to motivate unmotivated customers.
  • he right way to let your customers know about the success you are having in your business and how to get them to “want” to help you.
  • And much more!
Expose Pro Members Prospecting

Filling Your Pipeline For Explosive Growth

On this Classic broadcast, Dani shares specific strategies to create massive results in your business through the holiday season and into the New Year. Discover how you can get talk to your warm market easily, stay motivated through the holiday season, and hit the bonus pools for the month of December.

Topics Include:

  • How to gain an advantage over your competition in December and filling your pipeline for explosive growth in the New Year
  • Use this insider’s tip to hit your bonus pools this month
  • How to motivate your new reps to work during the distraction-filled month of December
  • How to extraordinary results when everyone else is slacking off
  • Discover the secret to approaching people during this busy holiday season that doesn’t make you seem like a pushy salesman
  • What to say to recruit your family and friends during the holiday season
  • Focusing on a bigger picture during the holiday season and creating a miracle for families in true need
  • And more!