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EXPLODE Your Month And Increase Your Check Substantially!

Listen to this call ASAP if you want to close out your month with a bang and increase your check substantially. You’ll want to make sure and get all your prospects and new starts from this month to listen to this call, it will help them upgrade and increase your business and their commitment level!

Topics include:

Expose Pro Members Prospecting

Prospecting Tips and MORE!

Dani answers recent questions submitted by members.

Topics include:

  • Exactly “HOW” did Dani get 40 customers in 3 days while living out of her car with no phone, no address, no advertising and no product results?
  • How Dani leveraged a little bit of success into a quarter of a million dollars her first year
  • How to master “Situational Prospecting” (prospecting while you are out and about)
  • What to say to “set” the curiosity hook with someone you just met
  • What to “SELL”, when talking to a prospect and what NOT to sell so they don’t get turned off
  • How to get a prospect to give you their phone number
  • Comments regarding recruiting from an MLM genealogy list
  • How not to “blow out” your warm market
  • How many times to call back a lead
  • How to train your new enrollees so they duplicate your success, rather than duplicate your management mode
  • How to keep your focus on the #1 activity that makes you money
  • How to create momentum in your organization and light it on fire