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Closing Out Your Month With Explosive Results

Topics include: Closing out your month with explosive results even if you…

  • Have worked hard all month and have nothing to show for it yet
  • Were in management mode all month and have been working with your team instead of getting sales yourself
  • Have been caught up in politics all month
  • Brand new and don’t know what’s going on
  • Think it’s too late because you’ve already blown it this month
  • Your just getting back from vacation and don’t have anything in your “pipeline”
  • Your crippled with fear and are discouraged because you let someone “neg” you out
  • Have done awesome all month long and are on track to have a big month and more!
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Learn What The 3 Primary Markets Are And MORE!

Topics include:

  • Learn what was most likely the first approach Bill Gates used when starting Microsoft
  • Learn what the 3 primary markets are and how to capitalize on the most lucrative one
  • How to maximize your contact list and leverage your local resources to build and expand your business
  • How to approach people and what to say to prevent their defenses and barriers from being triggered
  • How to make new contacts every day and build a rapport
  • Some guidelines to following through with your prospects
  • How to overcome FEAR in your business and break free from rejection and what other people think or say
  • Why you shouldn’t talk about yourself when prospecting
  • Why you shouldn’t give too much information on the initial contact
  • Examples of exactly what to say when approaching a new contact or prospect and how to peak their interest, build desire and get them to take action
Close Pro Members Prospecting

How To Overcome Common Prospecting And Closing Objections

Topics include:

  • Learn what causes and provokes objections and negative responses from prospects
  • 10 reasons and core/root issues for poor closing
  • 5 solutions to increase your skills and overcome these problems
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7 Habits Of Highly DEFECTIVE People!

Topics include:

  • 7 Habits of Highly DEFECTIVE People!
  • 8 Possible Solutions!

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Prospecting The Cold Market

Topics include:

  • How not to “provoke” objections from your prospects
  • Why you should master the art of asking questions and how NOT to “blow it” once you’ve built the rapport
  • What to do and say to someone who hangs up in the middle of your phone presentation, conference call, web presentation
  • What message to leave when someone flakes on your follow-up appointment that gets them to call you back if they are a serious prospect
  • How to rebuild the rapport on the follow-up call so you don’t lose the connection that was created on the initial call with a good prospect
  • 2 types of people prospecting and working leads
  • What your focus should be this first week of the month
  • What to tell the new people/prospects your are talking to and how to create momentum going into your fall season and more!