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Getting Out Of A Rut

Subjects: On this call, Dani gives you specific strategies on how to create momentum in your business by promote events. There is a ton of useful info in this call, listen now!

Topics Include:

  • Strategies, tips and techniques to running your business as a multimillion dollar business.
  • How to get yourself out of a broke and homeless state.
  • How to get over your excuses and take responsibility for your situation.
  • How to get out of a rut.
  • How to take advantage of the summer months and get the top bonuses with your company while everyone else is on vacation.
  • How to get on the bonus boards and how to motivate your new people to get on the boards to explode your income.
  • How to create your story so you have respect when building your business.
  • How to dominate your company recognition boards with new blood.
  • How to get your focus on track after you’ve had a little success so your income and sales continue to increase month after month.
  • How to increase your skill and value to the market place.
  • Language to use when talking to brand new people.
  • Why the Network Marketing industry is the very best business to become a professional in.
  • Developing the language of a professional Network Marketer.
  • The difference between announcing and promoting.
  • Why promotion is so important and how to do it with enthusiasm and urgency.
  • How to promote an event and get a LOT of new people there with you and so much more!
Pro Members Prospecting

Increase Your Averages and Leverage Your Time

This call has so much specific content, you cannot afford not to listen to it because it will instantly increase your averages when dealing with prospects and customers and leverage your time so you get much more results faster and have fewer people dropping off.

  • How to convert your customers into marketing reps
  • How to increase your retention rates dramatically
  • How to work with and motivate people on a professional level
  • How to build a rapport and find their needs
  • Why developing your communication skills can be the most profitable skill you can learn and master
  • Exact scripts and verbiage to use when following up with customers
  • Exact scripts and verbiage to use to get referrals
  • How to motivate people
  • How to back them into your business while giving incredible service
  • Live Q & A and more!
Pro Members Prospecting

Answers To Your Prospecting Questions & More!

In this call, Dani answers many questions like:

  • How to get new recruits started on the right foot so they have success and duplicate fast
  • How to re-develop your contact list when you’ve moved into a new area and don’t know anyone
  • How to build a rapport and find a need with someone you’ve just met and create a desire in them to join your business
  • How to make money and get your business growing fast
  • How to handle inbound calls from an advertising campaign
  • How to balance your spiritual life with your business life
  • How to start over when you’ve lost your upline and sales force
  • How to deal with an unsupportive spouse and get them on your side
  • And much more!