Pro Members Prospecting

Working Leads In Older Markets

Subjects: Open Q&A call – Dani answers questions like…

  • Should I work leads to tap into older markets?
  • How to deal with prospects who say I need to think about it or talk it over with someone?
  • How to find your success rate in your numbers
  • Why people say “I need to think about it first?”
  • Responsible sponsorship – some leaders stop growth in their business
  • Info about the Creating A Dynasty advanced leadership seminar
  • How to step up and become the leader you wish you had
  • How to tell your story when you sell a service rather than a product
  • Should you give your company name to your prospects?
  • How to use a business card to catch people’s attention
  • How to best build your business when working part time
  • How to get prospects to call you back when leaving messages
  • How many leads should you work monthly
  • How to deal with problem customers
  • How to develop your 30-60 second mini presentation on your company for prospecting calls
Activate Pro Members

The Definition Of An Excuse!

Subjects: Definition of an excuse, don’t give in to wimpy whiney reasons

  • 4 guidelines.
  • Professional plan of action for getting started.
  • Outline you can use with your new people to motivate.
  • Close and get them started on the right track to making money within 48 hours of getting started.
  • Some awesome testimonials from others who have been applying the training.
  • And more!
Expose Pro Members Prospecting

How To Build Your Business With Your Warm Market

Subjects: How to effectively build your business with your warm market

  • Why to build your business with your warm market?
  • The 3 different types of markets
  • Dealing with different types of responses
  • How to trigger your memory for good prospects
  • Specific examples and approaches you can use and what to say that gets results
  • Live Q & A
  • And more!
Leadership Pro Members

A “How To” Action Plan To Get Out Of Debt

Insights and action plan to get out of debt! Make more money and keep it! On this call, Dani candidly shares her personal experiences in ways that most in our industry would never tell you about money management and taking control of your financial future.