Pro Members Prospecting

Dani Answers Your Questions: How Many Times To Call Back, How To Deal With An Unsupportive Spouse

Another open Q&A call where Dani answers your questions, topics like:

  • Following up after the prospect has already been receiving email info
  • What questions to ask them, whether or not to manually remove a prospect from an autoresponder just because they told you on the phone they aren’t interested
  • How many times to call someone back
  • How to deal with a spouse who doesn’t support you much
  • How to get people to show up and not flake when you set appointments
  • Ethics regarding networking with reps from other companies
  • Closing a lead and getting a lead right on the first phone call
  • Dealing with uncommitted people
  • Questions about energy level and rate of speech when talking to people on the phone
  • Keeping your priorities straight
  • And MORE!
Close Expose Pro Members Prospecting

Open Q and A: How To Break Free of Fear, Help People With Excuses, How To Deal With Counter Pitches

Subjects: Open Q&A call, topics like:

  • How to break free from social phobias and fear of people.
  • How to help people who have excuses.
  • How to succeed with product shows and display booths.
  • Dealing with people who try to counter pitch you after pretending to be interested in your deal.
  • Techniques for increasing attendance at home presentations.
  • Best way to approach old leads.
  • How to duplicate yourself in your distributors.
  • Tips on placing an ad in a college newspaper.
  • How to talk to people without selling and talking too much.
  • What to say on a follow-up call.
  • Questions about running help wanted ads and where to get good leads.
  • Why should someone who has a lot of sales experience go to the seminar.
  • And MORE!
Pro Members Prospecting

10 Steps To Overcome Fear And Rejection


  • 10 steps to overcome fear and rejection NOW
  • Testimonials
  • Open Q & A
  • And MORE!

Leadership Pro Members

The Essentials Of Faith

Subjects: Faith

  • 2 types of people-one is faithful and one is faithless.
  • Why faith is essential to success in your network marketing business success.
  • What faith does, what is sounds like, and what it looks like.
  • And MORE!
Close Pro Members

Closing And Handling Objections Part 3

Subjects: Closing and Handling Objections PART 3.

  • Dani demonstrates examples of her closing script she uses and answers various questions in an open Q & A and MORE!