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Closing And Handling Objections Part 2

Closing and Handling Objections – PART 2, includes topics like:

  • How to answer common questions people ask you.
  • Dani answers more of your questions and objections that people often get stumped with.
  • Live Q & A.
  • And MORE!
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Closing And Handling Objections Part 1

Closing and handling objections – PART 1, includes topics like:

  • Proper foundation for dealing with people’s excuses
  • Your belief system, how to increase your belief and conviction so you attract less excuses from your prospects
  • Questions to ask them
  • How to develop your attitude so people follow you
  • What you are looking for in people
  • Exact answers to people’s questions and objections with different examples
  • And MORE!
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Discover the Secrets of the 90 Day Cycle

On this broadcast, Dani exposes what the 4 phases of your business are. Including what part of the 90-day cycle makes you the most money and how to avoid the pitfalls of management mode. Listen to discover the biggest secret to building big and fast today!

Topics Include:

  • How to build long lasting loyalty in your group and with your customers
  • Exactly how to double your effectiveness in prospecting
  • Master this script to warm up your Warm market to your business
  • How the MLM industry is related to the NFL
  • Is your check lower than you want it to be? Use this simple method to find out why, and how to fix it.
  • Use this script when leaving a voicemail message to increase your calls back
  • What to do when people ask "is this multi-level marketing" or "is this network marketing?"
  • Why focusing on "helping your people" can be wrong and how to REALLY help your people
  • How to motivate your new people to get the training they need to succeed
  • And MORE!
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Why Involvement Is Key And MORE!

Simple things you can change right now that are hindering your business and why involvement is key in your business.