Close Pro Members Prospecting

What Does Your Prospect Care The Most About


Topics include:

  • Seminar update.
  • How to tell your story.
  • What your prospect cares about most.
  • How to build your business when you don’t have results yet.
  • Outline to telling your story that gets 10x the results.
  • How to create urgency, how to keep your people motivated when they get discouraged and want to quit.
  • Examples of how to tell your story.
  • What to remove from your story that is losing you sales.
  • How to build HUGE momentum in your business by creating stories, how to motivate your customers and reps with stories.
  • How to use stories to get massive amounts of referrals from your customers, how to increase your potential market exposure by 75%.
  • And MORE!
Activate Duplicate Pro Members

How To Build A Distributorship/Home Business

Subjects: How to build a distributorship/home business

  • Job description
  • How to build a successful business
  • Most duplicatable simple and effective system you can use to get new customers and reps
  • What your focus should be when you start new customers/reps
  • How to build for an event
  • Success testimonial
  • And more!
Pro Members Prospecting

How To Attack Your Business And Work Massive Numbers

Subjects: Prospecting and Recruiting, working massive numbers, attacking your business.

  • Getting over phone fear.
  • Working leads.
  • How to attract and recruit the right people.
  • How to not waste your time with the “no’s.”
  • How to increase your leverage with people.
  • Dealing with people’s excuses.
  • Open Q&A.
  • Running ads.
  • And MORE!