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Giving Back To Your People, Customers, Reps/Distributors And Open Q & A

Subjects: Thanksgiving – do something for your people, customers, reps/distributors

  • Keys to making this time of year your best months ever
  • Getting new people started during the holidays
  • Open Q & A
  • And MORE!
Present Pro Members Prospecting

How To Generate New Business And MORE!

Subjects: Action mode is what makes you money:

  • How to get your check to grow in the next 90 days.
  • How to generate new business and growth.
  • How to get to the new people, how to approach them, and different examples of how to invite them to take a look depending on whether you use home presentations,1on1 presentations, audio tapes, websites, lead lists, conference calls, 3 way calls, etc.
  • Key words to get people to look open mindedly at what you’re doing.
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Learn One Of The Most Powerful Techniques To Build Your Business

Subjects: One of the most powerful techniques to build your business:

  • Why and how to tell your story
  • Psychological process of a new person and how to get them through it fast
  • What to say if you haven’t had financial success yet
  • What to say to the “naysayers”
  • What to say if you’ve been in many other opportunities before
  • And MORE!