Present Pro Members Prospecting

How To Get 9 Out Of 10 To Show Up For Your Presentations & More!

  • Personal coaching info
  • What repetitive activities Dani did to attain success
  • How to stay organized
  • Business plan for a new person
  • Working cold leads
  • How to get 9 out of 10 to show up/take a look at your presentation
  • Plus… there’s a personal testimony on here of someone who’s gotten 60 new people in her business since attending Dani’s seminar last month. Hear exactly how she did it.
Pro Members Prospecting

KLAV Radio Interview

Dani Johnson interviewed LIVE on, a homebusiness/success/network marketing radio station broadcasting live from Las Vegas, Nevada. It is really good! Some great tips to build your business and change your sales and recruiting results.

Activate Duplicate Pro Members

Success for Your New People

Subjects: How to start new people so they have the greatest chance of success:

  • 4 valuable things they bring you (hint: it’s not their $)
  • Examples – what to say, questions to ask, getting started checklist
  • How to immunize them against negative influences
Duplicate Pro Members

Duplicating Your Way To Success

Subjects: Business of duplication, what you want to duplicate.

  • 3 ways to reach financial independence
  • The art of duplication
  • Training and duplication flaws
  • Why most people fail in network marketing
  • Biggest key to your success – determines 90% of your success
  • How to multiply your efforts
  • Duplicate yourself and motivate your people
  • How to help your people to succeed
  • A shortcut to success
  • And MORE!