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Q And A: Prospecting Tips – How To Increase Your Show Up Ratios And More!

Tonight’s call is a first. Dani answers questions LIVE from listeners about various topics including prospecting, how to start a new person, bilingual marketing, and so much more! This is a very good call that will impact how you do your business today!

Topics include:

  • What are you willing to do to make sure that 2006 is better than 2005?
  • What plan do you have to make sure that you are moving forward in 2006?
  • What should you do when you make an appointment for a follow up call and the prospect does not show up
  • Specific things that you can do to increase your “show up” ratios now
  • What are the key reasons people do not show up to an appointment?
  • What do you say to people who say, “I have heard that all before?”
  • What is it essential that you do with your new person in the first 48 hours?
  • What should you do if you can’t afford to go to the First Steps to Success seminar?
  • How to get bilingual prospects
  • What to do if you are opening a new market in your business

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40 replies on “Q And A: Prospecting Tips – How To Increase Your Show Up Ratios And More!”

I am from Atlantic Canada. Do you have a list of your seminars for the rest of the year 2007? I really would like to be able to participate in one. I need to plan to get to one and I would appreciate to know if you should have one at the end of June beginning of July .

Your website and scriptbook was recommended to me by an awesome Australian Gentleman, with whom I came in contact via the internet. This Dani Johnson site is awesome and I love hearing Dani. She is especially good in directing what to say, who to say it to and when to say it and she says all of this with a firm believe. I just love to hear her. Since I know her story and know where she came from. That makes her all the more special in my experience. I can relate to her. She is not all theory, but she teaches exactly what to do. English is not my motherlanguage neither the lokal language of the Country I live in for years now. Which is Holland. Here in The Netherlands, as Holland is officially called, we speak Dutch. So I will have to translate the script book to be albe to use it. But Dani and you all there, at Dani’s training compay want to know when I have success. I will let you all know when I do have success. I already have recommended your website to some collegues. I have given response to your new website because you requested it, but I know that I will have success and I will then let you know. Right now I am planting the seeds of what I have learned so far. What Dani and John both did for me, is making me understand that this business is a marathon, I am in it for the long run. And that my conviction en posture is crucial to my success. Thank you en keep up the good work.

Hi Dani,
Good day, listening to you on the monday nighs call is like a light bulb tunr on. Yuo are so inspiring. I am using you script book, but I am still not having a lot of success. I tried leads,I tried build life. What works for me best is cold calls.

Thank you
God Bless


Hey Dani-
When will you be coming to NYC again, I am interested in attending one of your seminars. I really look forward to meeting with you, or being on a conference call with you sometime.

Thank you Dani!
Through your “Words of Wisdom”! I’ve come to realize that my problem is a lack of “Faith and Confidence” in myself, due to a mentally and emotionally abusive past. But as you said “It’s never the circumstances that determine success”. I just ordered your “Scriptbook” and I’m looking forward to more encouragement and confidence building that your messages bring!!!

I am just starting my home-based MLM business. My sponser led me to your site. I am grateful for you, Dani, to learn from the best. The people on this call asked great questions and I absorbed so much. I’m going to get some of the success tools next!

This free training is great! I lear so much from listening to you. I’m just getting started and have purchased you North Carolina CD’s and script books. I know my business will be a success with your training.

Dear: Dani, I, look forward to reaching my goals with all this wonderful information you have given us.

thanks for the emails and keeping me in contact with all you are doing.
I had trouble for a while accessing your website, but now I am able to get on easily. You are very inspiring.
virginia Reber

I really loved this call!!! Dani is so great and I just love her!!! She helped me get over my fear of talking on the phone to prospects!! One of my goals with my company is to make the money to go to one of her First Steps to Success seminars and then to Creating a Dynasty!! I am also looking into her prospecting and closing classes!! Dani, thank you so much for your Live Calls but also you recorded calls..i love your script book and I am fixing to get your North Carolina CDs and I can not wait….Dani you are truly are God sent!! The Lord showed me the way to you and I am so glad that He did!! Keep doing what you are doing and I keep praying for you to touch more people in their businesses and lives (especially people’s Christian Lives)

Thanks so much and God Bless,

Christina and Chad Thompson

Listening to your calls from the vault, I am so amazed and grateful for the information. I just got on to your link a few days ago. I am so impresssed. Thank you Dani
Florence Basse

What a great safe place to send all my people who want to get serious about our industry and get TOTALLY equipped ! Thank You !!!

Hi Dani!

I wish you would come to NYC I would like to see you
and learn more on how to become like you.
I live in NJ. I need more leosns from you.


First time I listen to one of your trainings. I thought it was great! Your story takes away all the excuses in the world. It is about today and what will you do NOW! I will continue to plug in the look forward to all I will learn. I’ll definitely pass your website to all my new team members! Thank you!

Thank you so much for making these trainings available to us! I’m very excited and thankful to the person who referred my name! An incredible resource to all who are serious about their business!

The questions asked were some of the same questions I
have been asked, it is good to know others are faced with the same situations and now to get the right answers is really helped me. I wanted to let you know Dani I have also been on as many Monday night calls as
I can. Very helpfull, Thank you for all your help.
Terri Conti

Hello Dani, Thank you for keeping me posted with your Steps To Sucess. I enjoy listening to you. I am trying to promote my web-site. So listening to you are good education tools for doing a home base businesss. I am believing that God is going to direct my path and I will be sucessfully wealthy jus like you. I just need to know what is a good tool to get people to go to web-site to listen the opportunity I have to share this with. I want my business to be a sucess. People are in comfort zone and they don’t want to be expose to nothing that will benefit their future. Thank you Victoria

Thank you Dani. You are an inspiring and I’ve already began learning today.
This is so great. I can’t wait to apply this to my business.
Bev Campbell

If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford to miss it! Stick to the scripts, each part is very important, they are proven methods, duplicate them, don’t put “original’ material in them, but practice them in front of the mirror, record them and listen to them. You’ve pointed out some very important details that I believe will definitely help in my new home-based business prospecting, time management, and makes me realize how much more that I have to learn. I’ll be back to learn some more, I think that these phone calls in the ‘FREE” audio valut are great ‘samples’, but plan to reinvest some of my earnings into becoming a ‘pro’ member and attending one of your more current ones. My time is up for today, 80% action, 19% education, 1% personal development, right? Thanks Dani, have a great day, God Bless.


I’m interested in attending the first steps seminar because I am starting a massage business. There is one problem, I keep the 7th day Sabbath, and would not come to a business/labor meeting then. What else do you offer.

Kathy Malhotra


This is an amazing call – helpful and inspirational.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention again.

Elizabeth Anderson

Dani I hoppe you know that Florida has a lot of people that can really benefit from all your experience in the development of new business. When are we having you araound?

Dear Dani I have a burning desire to succeed in business, but i have a problem with prospecting and closing. I know i can do this.

Dear DANI and HANS You posses a God given gift for this. I will succeed. thanks. I just listened to two recordings,both of which were exceptional.the only problem is is the harder i try to succeed, the harder it gets to say you haved [i cant type either]helped millions to succeed.Idont doubt that. the problem is,im not.worth your time or energy.Your business is results.Ilaud you for that.Bottom line is I challenge you to help me ANDget results.Isay it cant be accomplished. No excuses just FACT. Dani ,IM A christian and believe your gift is GODgiven.Once more you are a success in the eyes of the LORD. you are lucky. Ive been trying to long and much to hard without ANYsuccess. Its about time I looked reality in the eyes. IVE FAILED. good luck to both of you and GOD BLESS.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I really enjoyed this tape and learned quite a few things to keep it simple and play smarter. Thanks again Saundra.

Very good call – gave me some new things to try in building my business. But, I’m still having problems getting going. I am totally broke, lot of debt, and want to get out of this depressing life style.

Carol Graham

I’m experiencing a start to this month like I’ve never experienced before.
Today is 09/06/07. On the 4th and 5th day of this month I’ve enrolled 3, YES, THAT’S THREE, new business partners / all via phone and fax. All three started with one or the other of our 2 highest $ options, which also used to be unheard of. This has been the result of #1 being on your Monday night, Aug. 20, 07, call. (That particular call hit me like a ton of bricks) Since that time I’ve totally revamped my priorities & schedule. #2 I just got your script book and started using it this month after listening to the cd’s and taking notes.
#3 I’ve listened to the Financial Kingdom cd, and am ready to start on #4 of the 10 North Carolina cd’s.

PS I’ve made it mandatory for any of my new partners to get your script book if they want my help. You are AWESOME Dani !!!! God Bless!

I am truly enjoying these audios so much. I’m learning so much and gaining more confidence as I listen. Thank you for your generous gift on this site. May God bless you and yours. I will see you at one of the First Steps seminars.

Thank you, again.
Brenda Jenkins

I have learned alot just listening to the calls. I will definately record myself on how I present my business and on followup calls.

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