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How To Use The System For Exponential Growth

Tonight Dani talks to some of very successful business leaders who have used the system and experienced exponential growth in record time!

Topics include:

  • What 3 things is business really about?
  • What should you posses to do unusual things in the marketplace?
  • Words of wisdom from business leaders who have seen their income grow from $3000 check to a $120,000 check in only 5 months!
  • Hear from a brand new member
  • What happens to your business when there is no standard to follow?
  • Learn how to take your business to the next level
  • What tools do six figure income earners use to grow their business quickly and successfully?
  • Hear how lives have been dramatically changed by attending a First Steps to Success seminar
  • Specific examples of how people have increased their closing ratios and how they did it
  • How to create and keep a huge business team this year!
  • Hear how a stay at home mom has exploded in one month by using Dani’s system

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23 replies on “How To Use The System For Exponential Growth”

I purchased the script book and can’t wait to use it so I can
fly to the next seminar for success with my oldest daughter, her boyfriend and my business associate. I was on the right track but the wording and the comments empowered me with out room for doubt. I believe it was Kim who quoted you as saying,
“The Creator, created the craving to prepare us for our calling and God knows how and what to bait the hook with.”
Wow that is awesome and put fire in me.

When and where is the next First Step after one in March? What is the cost. My team and I will be there. We really are looking forward to getting our businesses on track with what Dani is teaching.
In the meantimne we will hook into the Monday Calls and go through the archived calls. MAryEllen

I attended First Steps to Success in Los Angeles March 17th & 18th, 2007. It was the best investment in myself to change my life which I can also use towards the success of my business. Everyone I’ve talked to needed to hear about First Steps to Success because the seminar doesn’t only pertain to business but towards the success in life. Thank you everyone from, especially Dani!!!

Last night I was thinking why doe’s fear take people away from what they want to do.and then this morning I started thinking of Dani Johnson so I log on and all my answers was right there on the Dani Johnson audio Training.what I realize
from listing to the Audio is fear is just my accuse!!!

Changing the mindset! No excuses–treat it like a business! God HAS planted this seed in my heart for a reason and I need to share this opportunity with many! Be aware of who I am yoked with on all levels of life. Encouragement and hope from this information–look forward to growing more. Thanks for telling it like it is, Dani.

DEAR Dani I do believe in all of your training I have listen to some of your
story I have people have some people use teaching of success. I go to your training all the time and bless of your success. clarence Kontio

What an awesome resource! All the stories you have created by being obedient to your Lord, Dani! What would we all be doing if you hadn’t answered your call! Thank you for all that you do and for loosing truth on us in such an impactful way. Anyone listening to this call and getting plugged in for the first time…Do everything Dani says to do and get to First Steps To Success as quickly as you can…it not only works to your benefit but it changes your life in ways you cannot imagine!!

I want to thank you for keeping me on your email list. I listened to the call January 16/06 as you suggested in the email. I have very little sucess in sponsoring people. Erica Silvera

when will you be back in the Los Angeles area with the First Steps Seminar. iknow I can’t make the one in Atlanta but I really want to do this i just sign with a home base business and would like to know also what do you recommend to get until I am able to get to the first Steps Semianr
marion mcauley

I am truly enjoying the tips and strategies offered by Dani Johnson’s online calls. I am looking forward to attending one of Dani’s seminars soon! Excellent stuff!!!

Look for me at Atlanta in August but would like to know if you plan on coming to TX. anytime soon? Great information.

I am a stick in the mud I see the vision but can’t get unstuck. Help me with my low self esteem or worth. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

This is mind bending to hear, but is there a presentation on line of first steps without travelling?? I have 2 parents with Alzheimers living with me, and do not have the ability to travel right now. Thanks!! Janyce

I have just started listening to Dani Johnson. I have been cold calling from the phone book to recruit. I haven’t had anyone call me back. What is a good message to leave on voice mails?

Thank you,
Elaine Williams

I am so greatful to have this information and the help you are giving our team is God sent, I can really look foward to attending the seminars. God bless you.



We have to bring you and your Message to Switzerland:)

It is a whole nother culture, language, etc.etc.etc., but what you have to say needs to be heard in every language around the World!!! I will attend your seminars as soon as humanly possible and I am very interested in translating your script book to German and spreading the Good Word here.

I am a native American, born and raised in Miami Florida and have been living for over 17 years here outside of Z├╝rich. I have just started for the first time in my life my own Network Marketing Adventure and I am loving it!!! I have made a few product sales, but have yet to sign up my first partner:( I am so excited and so commited it is difficult for me to do my 9-5, I eat, drink, and sleep all your info and almost anything else I can find on the topic, books, cds dvds and simply cannot get enough!

I do not know when the ball will roll as well by me as by you and your students but I know at least I am in the right Ball game, and no one and no thing is gonna stand in my way reaching the top and taking every merry soul along with me that has the capacity to learn and earn.

I am a rookie and just getting started but I thank God that I found you in my searching and I count the days until we meet!!!

The Fire of Desire has never burned in me like in this moment!

Keep the Fire Burning:)

Yours truly,

Rocky Bradley


All I can say is WOW! I am continuously surprised that these are real people and I know that if I too follow your steps I will be better also. I am excited and can’t wait to go to my first, First Steps to Success in Atlanta. I started to make an excuse that maybe i wont get t he time off from work or maybe it’ll be too much for me to afford. The truth is I’m a little nervous but I’m still jumping in. It’s time for me to start learning so I can live the life I’ve dreamed of. Thank you.

i am impressed but i need personel help.if somebody could guide me through this i would e highly obliged.i am not into any business.i am a 24/7 caregiver but have an access to computor and time on my side.So where and how do i begin.i need urgent help and am in distress.May Lord be with U.Plz HELP ME OUT.

I have listened to many many seminars and cd’s, Dani, but the information I have received through your sites and the script book and the “war on debt” strategy has changed our lives and I know it will continue to make us better people in this world…Thanks for what I have learned so far…..

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